IVF #2 Day 10

Today is day 10 of my cycle.   I’ve been on stims for 8 days.  Boy what a difference a day made!   Even the nurse said that this morning.  Yesterday when they looked they saw 7 or 8 measurable follicles.  Today they started on the right and saw 7 follicles measuring 15-20!  On the left they found 4 follicles ranging 13-18!   Everything was looking good and apparently I had 2 follicles sticking together on each side.

The doctor was happy with my follicle progress but not my E2 levels.   He drew them again along with progesterone and told me they’d call later and let me know what was going on.  I got the call at 10:45 this morning.

The IVF nurse said I trigger tonight!  She then asked f I was home and told me to take my last Ganirelix right then.   I did and she told me we’d trigger at 9:30 tonight and be in the office at 7am on Thursday.   So it’s on!   Thursday morning is my egg retrieval.

I will say that this morning I only weighed 131.8 and my waist was 29.5 inches.   So in all these days, I didn’t gain anything!   Such a difference from last time.  Of course, I think I put on 5 pounds the last 2-3 days last time so it may still happen.  We will see.  Please cross your fingers for me that everything goes well!


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