IVF #2 Egg Retrieval

I’m home from my egg retrieval!  It was much quicker then the one I had for my first IVF and I felt much more comfortable.   We got there at 7 and I was in surgery by 7:20.  I was back out and awake at 7:50.   I woke up with a lot of pain in my left lower back and my left lower abdomen.

When the nurse saw me she got worried and they rushed out with the ultrasound to see if I was bleeding.  Luckily everything looked ok.  The RE came in and said it was probably because he had to go through my uterus to get to my left ovary.

As I was laying there the nurse came and told me they had 3 eggs so far.   A few minutes later she came back and told me they had 8.   A few minutes later the embryologist came in and said they had 9 eggs!  I think that’s pretty darn good.  She said 4 looked wonderful, 3 looked ok, and 2 looked immature but they’d let them go and check them again this afternoon.  Hopefully we have some fertilize.


They told me all about the process and said if 5 or more fertilize we’ll freeze and do a FET in August wit PGD.   If 4 or less fertilize we’re looking at a transfer Sunday morning.  They also want to transfer 2.  They said this based on the quality of my eggs but it could change when they grade my embryos.

After an hour or so my pain began lessening and I started feeling better.  They gave me some Tylenol, checked my blood pressure, and removed my IV.   They told me to take it easy and let me go home.

I’m home now and feeling pretty good except for my left lower back.  I’m having some not so good pain in it and it’s hard for me to get up from a sitting position.  We’re having company tonight so I’m a little worried, but I’m sure I’ll be ok in the end.  My fertilization report comes in tomorrow morning and then Saturday morning they’ll let me know if we are freezing or transferring.

I forgot to add my stats for the day.  I weighed 132.2 pounds this morning so no weight gain at all between starting stims and egg retrieval.  We’ll see how it goes the next few days.  Also, my waist was 30 inches so I only gained half an inch there.  Much different then my last retrieval where I gained 10 pounds.


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