IVF #2 Fertilization Report

So yesterday I was riding a high of having 9 eggs retrieved.  It seemed like that was a great number for my poor, worn out ovaries.    I’ve been on pins and needles since yesterday waiting for the fertilization report.   Because we only got 9 we did icsi to try and help them fertilize.

I’ve also been in pain since yesterday.  While I have a dull ache in my abdomen, the real pain is in my back.  I think it’s my sciatica which I’ve never had pain in before, but it’s killing me.   Like shooting pain running down my left lower back, past my butt, and into my thigh.

Anyhow, I got the call at 9:30.  My nurse asked how I was and I told her ok. She didn’t believe me so I told her about the back pain and she was concerned.   She wasn’t sure why that was happening and told me to take Tylenol or extra strength Tylenol.   I did so.

After chatting for a minute she gave me the bad news.   Out of the 9 eggs retrieved only 5 of them were mature.   Out of the 5 mature eggs, only 2 fertilized with icsi.  Not good.  Last time we had 10 out of 17 fertilize but by day 5 we only had 3 left so I wasn’t feeling very good.

She said they want me to come in Sunday morning at 8:15 to do the transfer of both of these embryos.   Now we don’t really want twins, but I’m afraid to not put both of them in since that’s all we have and I don’t think they’ll make it to day 5 or a freeze.  Now I’m freaking out that neither one will even make it to Sunday.  In that case we have nothing at all and the past 4 months have been for nothing.

I called my husband right away and was upset.   The chances of both the embryos making it until Sunday is not good.  I know you only need one embryo to get pregnant, but I don’t have a good track record.   This is our second try with IVF and now I’m mad we didn’t try sooner after our first attempt.  In fact, I’m freaking out about it.

So if you could keep us and our 2 embryos in your thoughts for the next two days I’d appreciate it.  I’m getting another call tomorrow morning so we’ll know then if they survived the night.  I’m not very hopeful at all right now and that sucks.  We post-poned this IVF cycle 4 months in order to do PGD and now we aren’t even going to be able to do it because the embryos won’t survive.



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