IVF #2 Fertilization Report Day 2

Yesterday I was pretty upset about only 2 of our embryos fertilizing.  It was a rough day.   We went out to dinner with friends which helped to distract us for a few hours while we were out with them.

Progesterone in oil

Last night I did the first progesterone in oil shot.  Let me tell you how it went.   My husband and I were both very nervous because of the size of the needle.  We’ve only done 1 inter-muscular shot prior to this and it was bad.  It was chase me around the house while I cry bad.

Last night I just sucked it up.   I stood, I was scared, but I didn’t freak out.  I was like we have to do it and that’s all there is to it.  My husband was nervous and he did the shot.  I felt the prick and then asked how it was going.  He told me it was all the way in. I didn’t feel it going in at all!  Now I did feel the oil going in.  It hurt a little but less then Menopur.   My butt muscle is sore today but it’s not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

So that was last night.  Today my nurse called at 8:45.  She said she wasn’t calling until 10 so I was worried it was bad news.   I was so worked up talking to her but the news was good.  Both embryos made it through the night!    Our clinic grades them excellent, good, fair, and poor.  One embryo is good and the other is fair.

Now my husband and I really only want 1 child.  However, with the deck stacked against us and our embryos probably not making it to day 5 blasts, we’re going to transfer both of them.  We are both a little nervous about this, but since this last cycle only produced 2 fertilized eggs, we think it’s the best route for us to go at this time.

My transfer will be tomorrow morning at 8am.  I got very specific instructions on how much to drink in the morning and what time to be there and what time to use the bathroom.   So, we are nervously awaiting tomorrow’s transfer.


3 thoughts on “IVF #2 Fertilization Report Day 2

  1. thegreatpuddingclubhunt

    Good luck for tomorrow! Many positive thoughts for you.
    Awww well done hubby!! I’m glad the progesterone wasn’t awful 😦 I’m scared of that one, but I can close my eyes – I just feel for my poor husband!



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