IVF #2 Embryo Transfer

I just realized I left you all hanging!    We had our embryo transfer early on Sunday morning.   When we got to the RE’s office they told me both embryos had made it and that the embryologist would be in to discuss them with us.   They had me get undressed and my husband was put into scrubs.

The embryologist came in and told us that the good embryo was now actually borderline excellent and she was really pleased with how it looked.  She said the fair embryo was now fair to poor.  She let us know that the chance of twins with these embryos is slim.  That’s what we wanted to hear as we are really just looking for one.  She asked if we wanted to put both back in and we said we did.  She called the fair to poor embryo a “helper” embryo.

After 20 minutes they took me back with my husband.   I got into the position and my old RE showed up!   He was in charge of the ultrasound while my current RE was doing the transfer.  It was nice to have them both there.   When they put the ultrasound on I was in a lot of pain because my bladder was so full.  The speculum hurt even more.  Needless to say I wasn’t in the mood to chat.

They confirmed my name then the embryologist brought in the embryos.  The RE showed us where to look on the screen and they counted down and put them in.   I saw both of them go into my uterus but my husband missed it…..again.   The RE’s were grinning each other and told us that we had a picture perfect transfer and they went in perfectly and in the right place.   They snapped a picture for us.

My husband was then kicked out of the room and I was given a bedpan.  I almost died.   They told me to relax, turned on the water, handed me toilet paper, and left.   It took a few minutes but I wasn’t about to sit there with a full bladder for 45 minutes.  So, I did it.

I was wheeled back out and the embryologist came back in with her computer.   It was super cool what they showed us.  We saw all of my eggs, saw the actual icsi process being completed, then saw the embryos on each of the 3 days.   The excellent one looked amazing!    We also saw them do the assisted hatching.  It was really cool to see.   Afterwards she told us that if we got pregnant, we would get a copy of the photos on a CD.

I lay down for 45 minutes and my husband and I just chatted.   My back and lower abdomen were still in pain and the RE said they probably would be for a week or so.   So not happy with that answer.  My beta is supposed to be the 17th but we’ll be on vacation so I can’t have it until the 21st now.  I’m usually a beta or bust gal, but I’m going to have to POAS before we go on vacation.

So now we wait.   I’ve been nervous about how my husband feels about the two embryos but he’s been great about it.  This morning he started talking to them both and he’s nicknamed them Lar and Bar.  It’s cracking me up.

We went out to eat today and I mean we both chowed down like crazy.  Finished our meals in under 10 minutes.   My husband was like wow, that was crazy.   I said, “Well I am eating for 3!”  We both cracked up.

The two week wait is going to take forever.   I’m sure I’ll post several times just letting everyone know how I’m doing but I won’t know anything until the 16th.  I’m really hoping this is our rainbow baby.


11 thoughts on “IVF #2 Embryo Transfer

  1. heathermstaley2014

    I hope this is the time! Thoughts and well wishes!! P.s. whatever you do, do t take the at home pregnancy test, it will drive you batty lol



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