Just Waiting

So here we are playing the waiting game again.  I don’t have much to say since we aren’t doing any treatments for 2-3 more cycles.

I will say my husband and I have been enjoying the time off.  No more scheduled time in the bedroom has made things fun again.   It’s been nice to not have to chart or temp or any of that stuff.

However, I did get my period today which makes my cycle only 26 days long which is super short for me.  I may temp this cycle just to make sure everything is ok and I am indeed ovulating.   I don’t need to throw not ovulating into the mix of issues I already have.

I start back to work again next week which I think will be a welcome distraction from TTC.  I need to get my mind off of it and actually, I’ve been pretty good about not thinking about it for the past 2 weeks.

The plan right now is when I get my cycle in September I’ll contact my nurse.  She’ll order all of my meds and we’ll sign all consents.  Then when my October cycle starts I’ll get on birth control pills, then start estrogen and Lupron.  I’m really hoping this protocol works for us.  We need something to go right for us and this journey is taking a tool on both of us.


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