Rookie Mistake

This is a month where we were going to just try to have good timing and hope everything worked out.   I take my temperature every morning, I’ve been doing OPK’s, etc, just like I have the last 2 years.   I have a good idea of when I ovulate so I usually don’t even need all of the other things, though it’s nice to have it confirmed.

This month we woke up early on a Sunday to go somewhere and I forgot to take my temperature.  I thought it was no big deal and I’d do an OPK when we got home.   When we got home I had a million other things to do and it was bedtime before I remembered.   I took the OPK and it was close to being positive but not quite.   I usually have a positive one for 36 hours before I officially ovulate.  I told my husband and we both agreed we were too tired that night and would wait until the morning.

The next morning I got up for work, took my temperature, and….OH NO!   It was up .8 degrees.  I started freaking out.   I then took and OPK and it was lighter then the night before.   My husband and I quickly did what we could but I’m pretty sure we were too late.

After more then 2 and a half years of doing this, we’ve never missed a fertile window before.  Now, it’s not likely I’ll get pregnant without treatment but there’s always a chance.  In fact, I know 3 people who have gotten pregnant in the past month on a break cycle.   So I was really hoping this would be it for us and then we totally missed our chance.

I was utterly devastated.   It was such a rookie mistake to not temp and take an OPK 36 hours after my last one.  I can’t believe we missed our fertile window.   I was pretty upset for the next few days and my husband was pretty shocked we missed it.

Now I’m just waiting for AF so I can call my nurse and get our IVF meds ordered.  I’m really, really nervous about this cycle and I’m not sure I’m ready, but I’m not sure we can wait anymore either.   So, hopefully by this time next week I’ll have all my meds in place and my protocol for our October cycle.


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