My new Protocol

I’ve been talking to my nurse a lot this week.   We are gearing up for our 3rd (and probably final) IVF cycle.   We are bringing out the big guns this time.  I’m doing the estrogen priming protocol which is a pretty crazy protocol as far as it goes.

She sent me a list of meds that needed to be ordered and it didn’t look to bad.   Possibly this is because I have some meds left over from last cycle.  When she asked if I had insurance medical coverage I knew I was in trouble though.  I told her I did for the most part and she said that was good because this protocol could cost up to $10,000 in meds….more then the actual monitoring, retrieval, and transfer put together!

I was a little unnerved by this.  Last cycle my meds cost $7,000 and I thought that was a lot but $10,000 is a lot of money for medications.    The protocol starts out with me on birth control pills for 2-3 weeks.  No big deal there.


Then I add in Lupron and baby aspirin for several days.   Then I start adding in oral estrogen every few days.   Within the next 5 days I then add in 750 Follistim, Menopur, Ganarelix, and vaginal estrogen.   This all goes on for 3 weeks…THREE WEEKS!   My first round I think I stimmed for 11 days, this past round I only stimmed for 8.  This time from the day I start the Lupron until I get checked it is 18 or 19 days and I won’t be done.  I’m a little scared by the sheer amount of medications but as everyone keeps saying, once I get started I’ll be fine.

So I’ve got about 3 weeks until I start my pill and then round 3 is on!  If you can spare some good thoughts or prayers for me I’d appreciate it.   I feel like I’m on the edge of a cliff and this is it, my last attempt.


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