I’ve ordered my meds (AKA…this cycle is getting real)

Well IVF #3 (how did I get here?   SERIOUSLY) is officially coming to a start.   My nurse ordered my medication on Friday and I have them scheduled for delivery on Wednesday.   I’ve been hounding her a little bit because I want them at least a week before I start my IVF prep cycle.

I was a little nervous when they called to tell me what I needed.   They ordered me a 14 day Lupron kit, a delestrogen injection, an estrogen suppository, Menopur, Pregnyl, a TON of Follistim (I’m talking like 4,000-5,000 iu’s of the stuff), a z-pack, progeterone in olive oil (which has been a pain because my insurance company’s fertility pharmacy doesn’t carry it), and my birth control pills.

The total bill was insane, around $9000, but my insurance covers most of it.  I also ordered supplies which was about 50 syringes (3 different types), 50 needles (4 different sizes and gauges), alcohol swabs, and a sharps container.

I’ve never cycled while I’ve been working so I’m a little worried since I’ll be on medications for 4-5 weeks.  I usually do IVF in the summer when I’m off but there is no time for us to wait now.  I’m too old, my ovaries have too much of a diminished capacity, and I’m tired of waiting months on end to cycle.

So now that the meds are ordered I’m a little scared.  I told my husband I’m not sure about this cycle since it will probably be our last.  I’m not yet ready to give up on our dream.  I don’t feel like I’ve had time to process it.  I can only hope we have enough embryos to transfer and possibly 1 or 2 to freeze.   But I’m getting ahead of myself.  I don’t even know if we’ll retrieve any eggs, let alone freeze any embryos.

So here we are, T minus 2 weeks and counting.  October 10 or 11 should be when I get my period and I’ll start baby aspirin and birth control pills the next day.  Keep your fingers crossed my friends that three times is a charm!


7 thoughts on “I’ve ordered my meds (AKA…this cycle is getting real)

  1. Kimberly @ Infertility Unfiltered

    Fingers crossed for you too!!!! Isn’t it crazy that these small steps to this journey can makes us go all “feel” and stuff? I felt that way too when I ordered my meds for my 1st treated cycle this month. Praying so hard for you that this time will be the “one.”


  2. tidleone

    I worked through my first and was off on my second, although I wasn’t as exhausted when I was off it drove me insane because I had nothing to distract me and really focus on. Hope all goes well. I’m putting off my 3rd cycle until the new year – I’m not ready to process things if it doesn’t work and it’s well and truly the end. My fingers will be crossed for you. Xx


    1. 26rainbow Post author

      Thank you! I know how you feel. We think this is our last cycle and I’m not sure how I will handle it if it doesn’t work. It’s scary to think I may be at the end of this journey soon.



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