Baseline Appointment IVF #3

Tuesday was my baseline appointment.   I was a little anxious going in as my last appointment was 4 months ago and with a DOR diagnosis you never know how few follicles you are going to have going into the appointment.    I was hoping for 10 but figured as long as I had 8 I’d be ok.

I went in and spoke to my nurse.  I was a little confused about my protocol.   Monday was cycle day one but I don’t start stims for almost 2 weeks.   Apparently my ovaries are shut down right now and I’m doing Ganirelix everyday to keep them that way.

After speaking with my nurse the RE came in.  He’s a man of few words.  He said hello and got to work.  He looked at my ovary and counted 7 follicles then took a look at the left and saw 5.   That was it!   It was a super short appointment but starting with an AFC of 12 made me feel pretty good.   We started with 13 last time, retrieved 9, but only 5 were mature.   I’m really hoping we get more mature this time and definitely more fertilized then the 2 we fertilized last time.

I also start my estrogen shots tonight.  I’m scared because it’s my first IM shot this cycle.   IM is a butt shot basically and the needle is big and long.  It freaks me out but I’ll be getting it here in about an hour.


5 thoughts on “Baseline Appointment IVF #3

  1. workingwomensivf

    We had poor fert rates in our first 3 cycles then I read “it starts with the egg” and started taking 3mg melatonin each night (on top of other supplements) this cycle I had more eggs collected and a drastically improved fert rate there is also other supplements specifically recommended for DOR let me know if you want me to look up what they are. Good luck!!

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    1. 26rainbow Post author

      Hey thank you! I actually have that book and am taking a few of the supplements. I ran a list by my RE and he told me which ones he was ok with me taking. I haven’t tried melatonin but maybe I will start.

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  2. g2the4thpower

    What size did you trigger at? I felt like from my many IUIs and several IVFs that we had maybe been triggering too early for what my eggs would need to be more mature, so I convinced the doctor to go one extra day of stims rather than triggering near 18mm only. Who knows if it was part of what made the difference, but it made me feel better. Good luck!



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