Monitoring Appointment (IVF #3)

So my first monitoring appointment was yesterday morning, after my major freak out.   I was still worrying as I walked in the door.  As soon as I reached the counter my nurse was out the door with a shot of Ganirelix.  She told me to go back to the room and give myself the shot then we’d get on with the appointment.

I did my shot then we went back to get my bloodwork.  I apologized again for calling her at 10pm and she said she was glad I called.   She said all her IVF patients have her number but it’s for emergencies only.  She told me being out of a medication is definitely an emergency.  She said it was much better then the girl who called her at 10pm the night before to tell her that her period started.  She said that’s great, let’s talk tomorrow.  She wasn’t real happy.  Then she said another girl texted her at 1:30am last week to say she had a big toe.  My nurse texted her back at 3:00am when she woke up and told her it had nothing to do with the meds and to go to the hospital and please not text at 1:30am.

I couldn’t believe people do that.  I didn’t even want to call her for my legit problem but I did.  She said to always call if I’m out of a medication or I’ve given myself the wrong dose, etc.   That’s what her cell phone is for.

So I got into the room and the newest RE was there since my RE was OOT with his wife.  My left ovary is hard to find so we started with the right one.   He has to hold the wand at the oddest angle to see it.   He saw 7 follicles ranging from 7mm to 14mm!  YAY!   I hadn’t ovulated which was a HUGE relief.   He then went for the left ovary. Of course he couldn’t find it.  After 5 painful minutes of searching he could see part of it and saw 3 follicles.  There may be more but he couldn’t clearly see it.  I’m so glad my doctor is back tomorrow for my next appointment.

So all is going well.   I have 10 in the running right now, though a few are pretty small.   This summer they ended up getting 9, but only 5 were mature and only 2 fertilized.  My hope this time is that we get 10, 8 are mature, and 4 fertilize.  I think that’s a realistic goal.  If we get 4 we are going to do PGD.  I’ve already paid for it so they are ready to roll.  It’s a 24 hour center so I get my results the next day. I’d like to know but if we have 3 or less we’ll just transfer them and hope for the best.

So, all was well yesterday and I’m hoping for a good report and a trigger shot tomorrow!


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