Monday Morning Monitoring

So I had monitoring again this morning.   I’ve been having some cramping in my lower abdomen so I was hopeful that went things were going well.  My doctor was back and I was so glad to see him.

He found both my ovaries right away which was a relief.   He found 6 follicles on the right and 4 on the left.  Of those 10, 6 of them were 18 or 19, 2 were 16, 1 was 14, and 1 was 11.   He’s confident the 16’s will catch up and even possibly the 14.

The best news is my E2 on Saturday was 1900!  That’s awesome since I triggered last time at 1100.   He’s really pleased with the level and thinks we will have more mature eggs this time around.  I’m really hoping so.

I trigger tonight at 10:30pm.  I told them I wasn’t sure I could stay up that late as my bedtime is 10!  Just kidding but for once this works out.  I have a substitute already on Wednesday so I won’t have to find someone.  I told my principal I have an outpatient procedure and she was cool about it.  So things are falling into place.

My nurse is a little concerned that my progesterone is creeping up so I have to take my Ganirelix before my trigger tonight.  I also have to start my antibiotic.  I can’t believe, after 4 1/2 weeks of shots, my egg retrieval is finally here!  I go in Wednesday at 8 so wish me luck!


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