Embryo Transfer

So our embryo transfer was yesterday.  I went into the office with a positive attitude figuring if we were there at least one of our embryos survived.  My nurse made it seem pretty dire on the phone so I wasn’t sure what to expect when we got there.

The nurse took me back and got me dressed.   She then asked if I was transferring 2.  I told her if we had 2 then yes, we would be transferring them both.   She left to go get the embryologist to talk to us.

Let me tell you a little bit about our embryologist.   She’s young, in her 30’s, and loves her job.  She loves to talk about the embryos, the eggs, the sperm, the whole deal.  She’s really pretty awesome.  Plus, she’s very open in the fact that her son was born from IVF so she gets it.  I find those in the office who have been through really and truly get it.  My RE had both of his kids via IVF and the embryologist had her son via IVF.

When she came out she told us that of our 10 eggs, 8 had been mature.  She then went on to say that 5 actually fertilized.  However, 3 of them fertilized abnormally so they couldn’t be used.  One was a definite egg quality issue but the other 2 she wasn’t sure about.  The two that fertilized normally looked good though.

She told us that one of them was a 2 cell which was fine for day 2.  She told us that as of an hour ago the other was a 3 cell but when she heard me come in she took it out again and it had turned into a 4 cell so she was really pleased with that.  She also said that she graded them both good.   Our clinic grades excellent, good, fair, poor.  If you remember last time we had 1 fair embryo and 1 good embryo, so we were actually ahead of where we were for our last IVF.

She talked about how she had said at our retrieval we should think about putting in 3 if the quality wasn’t good.  While we only had 2, she wouldn’t let us put in anymore anyhow because they were both graded good.  This was good to hear.

After a while the RE came in.  He asked how we were doing, how I was feeling, and asked if we were putting 2 in.  He said he had talked to the embryologists and they both looked good.  He told me he’d be back shortly and we’d go in.

Twenty minutes later we went into the surgery room.  My husband was by my side and I was on the table.   Soon two nurses came in and took charge.  One put my legs up and got that part of me prepped while the other turned on the ultrasound machine and found my bladder and uterus.   Looking at it she said it looked great.

Then the RE came in.   He checked my lining and said it looked great.  He then cleaned off my cervix (the worst part in my opinion), and put in the catheter. He showed us on the screen where the catheter was and where the embryos would come out.

The embryologist came in, said my name, conferred with the doctor and put in the second catheter.  They counted to 3 and in went my embryos.   I saw the two of them go in and settle in my uterus.   My RE said it was a bullseye that they were right in the correct place.  My husband saw them this time too.

They checked to see that the tube was empty and everyone left the room except one nurse.  She offered me a bedpan, which I took, and left the room.  Unfortunately, this time I just couldn’t use it.  She came back in and took me out with my husband.

The embryologist came back out with her laptop to show us photos.  We saw each egg, each sperm, and it actually be inserted into the egg.  Then we saw all 5 of the fertilized eggs.  Then we saw the 2 eggs that fertilized normally and how they were this morning.  She explained everything thoroughly.  She also told us she played the radio for them and talked to them a lot telling them to hang on because they were going to be around for awhile.  She cracks me up.

After that we got to go home.   I’m trying to be positive now though of course every time I cough, sneeze, or lift anything I panic a bit thinking it’s going to affect them. Logically I know it won’t and they they are safe and snug in my uterus.  It’s up to them to implant here in a few days but no matter what I do they won’t “fall out”.

So now we wait the 2 weeks until my beta.   It’s going to be a long wait.   I’m having some pain in my abdomen but I’m hoping that’s just because we did transfer so close to retrieval so I wasn’t totally healed yet.


3 thoughts on “Embryo Transfer

  1. g2the4thpower

    Best of luck!! I hear you about the coughing sneezing fears – I caught a terrible cold in my 2ww and hadn’t done any bed rest following my transfer. I was certain I’d launch any potential sticky bean out of place, but now I’m almost at 37 weeks! ALL MY BEST TO YOU!!!!! xx



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