The two week wait (day 11)

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been trying to stay positive and keep my mind off of my transfer.   It was also the Thanksgiving holiday which turned out to be a lot busier then normal.  I went to my parents on Thanksgiving day which was really fun and then the next day we had a dinner party.  Follow that up with brunch with friends today and it’s been a busy weekend!

So how am I doing?   Well I’m 11 days in and I was fine until yesterday.  I’ve really been keeping a positive attitude but as my beta date looms closer I’m starting to get freaked out.   I’ve seen stats that around 90% of people who do IVF get pregnant within the first 3 cycles.   Since we only have 3 cycles and this is the last one, what if we don’t get pregnant?  Then what?  It’s starting to become real that I may need to really think about this question.

As for the progesterone, PIO in olive oil is so much better.  If you remember I did it in sesame oil last time and by day 10 my poor butt was bright red with itchy bumps all over it.   This time I have the needle marks and occasionally it itches a bit but no raised welts and no crazy itching.  Thank goodness for the olive oil!

hope 1

As for the symptom watch, I think I’m having nothing but period symptoms which I know could be pregnancy symptoms, but they seem like period symptoms.  I’ve been pretty good until today.  Today my back is killing me, I have a slight headache, and I’ve been having pain and cramping in my lower abdomen.  I’m worried this is a sign my period is on it’s way.  Since I usually have a 12 day luteal phase that means my period would be coming on Tuesday if not for the progesterone.  Also, last time I started spotting at 13dpo so we’ll see what Tuesday holds for me.

For now, I’m still hoping and praying and talking to both my embryos hoping they are snuggled deep in my womb.   I’m hoping the pangs I keep having in my lower abdomen are just them really getting in there.   Only a few more days until my beta and I’m going betaa or bust again.


2 thoughts on “The two week wait (day 11)

  1. heathermstaley2014

    I hope things go well for you. I always hated the 2ww !!! Each time it was excruciating and I always replayed the you’re not pregnant scenario I had gone through EVERY time. And then one cycle they told me I was pregnant! Praying for you!!



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