Scheduled my appointments

I feel like I’m not writing nearly as much but when I’m not cycling I don’t have much to say.  It’s been over 3 months since I’ve been to the RE’s office.   I’ve written my nurse several times to get some feedback on some different ideas and she’s been great.

So today I started my period.  Usually that would make me sad but today it meant I could schedule my SHG appointment.  I’m going March 24 and I’m so ready.  I’m hoping I get the all clear so I don’t have to do yet another hysteroscopy.  I’ve had 2 SHG’s before and both times they found polyps and had to go in and remove them.  I’m hoping this type around my poor uterus is clear and ready to go.

We will also be doing blood work.  I’m getting my natural killer cells and my AMH levels tested.   My AMH was .26 last February and I’m just hoping it hasn’t dropped anymore.  It seems like my ovaries respond fine but the quality of my eggs must just really suck.  So I’m hoping for anything over .2 at this point.  They are also looking to see if I should be tested for Vitamin D levels.

After my appointment we can determine a date for our 4th and final IVF cycle.   I’m hoping for the best and am going to try to be as positive as possible.  I hate that we’ve waited this long to do it but I need to do it in the summer as my job is super stressful and I’m not sure if I could do it otherwise…not in the spring at least.

I’m also planning on calling for an accupuncture appointment in early April.  I’d like 8 weeks of accupuncture before my egg retrieval and since it’ll be mid-June this should work out for me.  I’ve never done it before but there is a place my RE recommended and it’s $60 per session and the woman specializes in working with fertility patients. I figure it’s time to throw the kitchen sink at this and see what works.


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