SHG results

Thursday was my sonohysterogram.  I was very anxious going in because the last two times I had one they found polyps and I had to have hysteroscopies.   It’s not that the hysteroscopy is bad, but they have to knock me out for them and then I’m cramping and sore for several days.

They took me back while my husband was doing a Starbucks run for us.   I went and got bloodwork first.   I was getting my Vitamin D, natural killer cells, and my AMH checked.  They had to take 7 vials of blood.   Apparently the natural killer cells need 4 vials of blood drawn.   My nurse was so worried that I was going to pass out she offered me juice and soda.  I declined telling her that I actually felt pretty good.

She took me to the exam room and had me remove my bottoms.  I started getting really anxious.  Thankfully my husband was back by this point and came into the room to wait with me.  We waited about 15 minutes and then my nurse came in followed by my doctor and a med student.  The one thing I don’t like about this office is it’s part of a teaching hospital so there are often med students in the room.  However, because it’s a teaching hospital the cost of all the procedures is cheaper.

So the doctor got everything prepared and then inserted the catheter.   It hit the back of my uterus and hurt a bit.   He quickly put in the ultrasound and the saline solution.   After a minute he took everything out and told me it looked good!   There were not polyps!  Third time’s a charm for SHG’s apparently.

After the doctor and med student left my nurse stayed to talk to me.  She and I went over a general protocol though I’ll be getting my actual one next month after my bloodwork comes in.  She told me she should be calling me on Tuesday and Thursday with my bloodwork results.  She said based on those they’ll tweak my new protocol.  I’ll be doing estrogen priming again but not as crazy as last time.

I asked about HGH and she told me she’d ask the doctor.   She left and I got dressed.   When we walked out to the hall the doctor wanted to speak to my husband and I.  We walked in and sat down.  It turns out he wanted to talk to us about the HGH.   He said that many years ago he and the man who started using HGH in IVF cycles shared a lab.  They were friends then and continue to be.  The other man no longer uses it in IVF cycles because he found that if there is any improvement it is so marginal that it does not outweigh the cost of it.  He said that in several cases it may have helped but he couldn’t prove it and it was only 1 or 2 more eggs so he does not see the value.  I agreed with him and we decided not to use it.

So now we just wait for the bloodwork results.  I’m so happy and relieved that the SHG was clear.  Now the result I really need is my AMH.  I’m really scared at what it will be.  February 2015 it was .26 and I don’t want it much lower then that (not that it can go much lower!)


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