Infusion and Playing the Waiting Game

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I’ve last posted.  Sorry about that!  Unfortunately life got in the way.  I feel like all I’ve been doing is going to work, running errands, then coming home, making dinner, and crashing.  I’ve had no extra energy to do anything.  Work has been seriously crazy lately with the end of the year almost here.   I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit this summer.

So to catch you all up on me I did my first IV infusion at the beginning of May for my elevated NK cells.   It wasn’t too bad and it took about an hour and a half.  The nurse who gave it was new and she was a bit nervous.  I assured her I was fine and would yell if I needed something.  My nurse finally came in, told her I was a pro with needles and IV’s, and the new nurse left.

The infusion looks like an IV of milk. It’s very bizarre.  It made my hand and arm cold but otherwise I didn’t feel anything.  It was just boring.  While sitting there my nurse and I talked about the protocol and she gave me all the forms we need to fill out.   Writing this I realize I have yet to fill them out and get them back to her…ooops!

A few days after the infusion I got sick.  I haven’t been sick all year and now that it’s May I finally got sick.   It was the sinus headache, stuffy nose, sneezing, and general body ache sickness.  It lasted 5 days in full force and was rough.  I could barely make it home and go to bed.   After that I just had a cold and was feeling better.

Last week my meds were delivered.   I’m surprised and happy to report it’s much less then normal.   Apparently they are going with 450 of Follistim this time instead of the 600 or 750 I’ve done the last 2 times so that was a nice surprise.  The pen only dials up to 450 so only one stick instead of 2!  I’ll also be doing a whole vial of Menopur and a Long Lupron protocol.  I’ve never done long Lupron before, only ever Ganarelix so this is new.  I’ll also be doing EPP starting with my cycle instead of before and I’ll be using suppositories (Oh boy!)  Then I’ll follow ET (hopefully) with PIO.  I will again be using olive oil so I won’t have a reaction.

This is a different protocol then I’ve had in the past so I’m a little leery of it.  I’m also hopeful though since my AMH has increased by .75 which is is now just the low end of normal instead of the “you barely have a chance” range.  I’m hoping that even if we don’t get more eggs this time that they are better quality and more then 2 fertilize.   Honestly, I’m just hoping for 4 embryos.  I don’t think that’s too much to hope for.

So I’m about 2 weeks out from my period and starting BCP’s.  I’ll be on them for 14 days and then I’ll have my baseline and start my stims!  I also have an appointment June 8 for my next IV infusion.  After sitting on the bench for over 6 months I’m definitely ready to get this cycle started!


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