Here we go again…..maybe

So my period has started.  I got it on Friday and it was one of those times that I was so glad it started.   I took my first birth control pill last night.  The plan is to take birth control pills from yesterday through June 19.   One June 14 I’ll be adding in Lupron and estrogen suppositories.  Then on June 22 I’ll be going in for my baseline!

I’m scared but excited to get started.  I’m feeling somewhat optimistic.  I called yesterday to get my estrogen suppositories and the pharmacy was closed.  I need to call back tomorrow to get them refilled.

So I took my pill last night, went over my schedule with my  husband, and then we talked about my next infusion which will be Thursday.  My husband is going with me since my nurse will be going over our protocol at that time.  It looked like everything was ready to go….until disaster hit.

My nurse e-mailed me late last night telling me that it was fine to start my pill but I was probably going to be delayed several weeks.   WHAT?  Apparently the air filtration system in the embryo lab totally broke down.   They think they need 2-3 weeks to have it fixed but they won’t really know until Monday so this cycle is up in the air.

I’m really sad and disappointed by this.  The lab shuts down on July 17 so if I don’t have a retrieval by July 12 I can forget this cycle and I’ll have to wait until the end of August which means I’ll be back in school.  I should be happy I haven’t started stims yet.  They have a handful of girls that are already stimming so I have no idea what they’ll do since they can’t do any retrievals or frozen cycles right now because of the filtration.

So yet again I’m in limbo.   I’ll get to talk to the nurse on Thursday and hopefully they will have some sort of timeline by then.   My thought is that my baseline will have to be by the 27th or 28th in order for me to stim 10-11 days, have my retrieval, and be able to have a 5 day transfer if needed.  That is only pushing it back 5 days and I’m not sure we’re going to make it.  I’ll know more on Thursday!



3 thoughts on “Here we go again…..maybe

  1. tidleone

    That’s rubbish – it takes so much emotionally to build yourself up to just start a cycle. I hope they get everything sorted or find an appropriate alternative for those poor women who’ve already started and I hope they get it fixed so you don’t have to delay.


    1. 26rainbow Post author

      I know! I really hope they find an alternative for those who have already started. I’m mad I might be delayed but at least I haven’t started stimming yet.



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