Cycle Prep has Started!

Man I’ve been bad at keeping up on here.  Of course it’s hard to keep up when there is nothing to report. I started on birth control pills last Saturday so we have started the prep cycle!   It’s really going to happen!

So the plan right now is to keep on birth control until August 13th.  I’m also taking my CoQ10 and a baby aspirin with those.  Then on August 8th I will start 10 units of Lupron.  I believe I take that until I trigger.   I start Estrogen on August 12th and then stims *should* start August 17th.

I talked to my nurse last week and I have my next IV Infusion scheduled for August 9th and my baseline scheduled for August 16th.  I was totally stressed about the August 16th appointment because I start back to work on the 15th.  I hate missing the first few days of school.

Luckily she called me this past weekend and asked if I could move the infusion to the 12th.  She said if I could then I’d be able to do my baseline that day as well.  I was all for it!   In this scenario I don’t have to take any days off the first week of school which will be great.   So my baseline is the 12th and fingers crossed I have no cysts and everything looks good.  If so, stims start on August 17.

I can hardly believe it’s time to do this again.  It’s been 9 months since my last medicated cycle so it seems like it’s been forever.  It still doesn’t feel real but I know with my first shot of Lupron it’ll all be real again.  Hopefully my students at school will cooperate and I’ll be fine for taking off for my monitoring, retrieval, and transfer.  I’m really hopeful for the best cycle we’ve had in the past 2 years.  I’m not expecting anything like my first wonder cycle, but if it’s better then the last 2 that would be great.  If you recall we’ve only had 2 embryos the last 2 cycles.  Not cool.  My first cycle I had 10 embryos initially.  I’m just hoping for 3 this time.

So that’s it in a nut shell.  I’m sure I’ll check back in again with my first shot.   Finger crossed this finally happens!!!!



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