IVF #4 is a go!

I just realized I didn’t write after my baseline.   It’s been a crazy weekend and I go back to work on Wednesday so I suddenly realized there are a million things I want to finish this summer.  I always do this and it sucks.  However, I did have a checklist early in the summer and I did get a bunch checked off so I’m not feeling too bad.

So I got to the doctor a little early and my nurse called me right back.   She told me we were doing the infusion first because the doctor had a new patient and it might take a while. I was panicking so this wasn’t good.  However, I went back and she got me settled.  She told me that the lab was good and they were currently growing mice embryos to make sure everything was ok and it looked like it was.  So good news there.

I did my infusion and she signed a few releases for me while I was there.  We went over my protocol as well.  I keep on Lupron forever.   I start stims on Wednesday.  I’ll do 450 iu Follistim for 2 days along with my estrogen.  Then on Friday I’ll drop to 375iu Follistim, 1 Menopur, and the estrogen.  Plus I’ll drop my Lupron to 5 units on Wednesday and continue with that.

Hope quote

I’m up in the air about my Follistim dose.  It’s lower then it’s been but sometimes that’s better because they grow more even and it could lead to better quality with DOR.  I was on 750 last time and thought it was too much so we’ll see.  Then if everything looks good and feels good my first monitoring will be on Monday, August 22.   It was then or the 23rd and the 23rd my students start so they said Monday was fine.

I took cookies in to the nurses and they were thrilled.  I think it helps because as my nurse left I heard her tell the receptionist if my baseline was ok to schedule me for anytime I wanted on the 22nd, even the afternoon.  Whatever I wanted.   I felt pretty good about that since monitoring is only from 7:30-10 usually.   It pays to be nice!

Before I went for my baseline my nurse popped in and said she had a meeting with a big wig but said they would come get her because she wanted to be in with me.  I thought that was super nice.  So they whisked me into the room, I got changed, and in came the RE, the nurse, and a med student.  Love me those med students.   She seemed nervous and I really wanted to ask her if she was here for the party but I restrained.

So the doctor checked me out and said my lining was good at 8 and my ovaries were shut off so the bleeding earlier in the week was nothing.  He did not do an AFC (I think he was too busy trying to teach the student) so I have no clue where I am.  He did say everything looks good though so it looks like stims start in 2 days!

I told my husband that Wednesday is a big day for me.   I start school, I start stims, and there are 2 hours of MasterChef on TV!   I will say I’ve never been on Lupron before and I’m hating it.   I’m an angry lady and I have a headache every day. It’s really awful and I can’t wait to be done with it.  Hopefully it’ll all be worth it though.

So as of Wednesday it’s game on!


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