First Monitoring Appointment (IVF #4)

I didn’t get back on here on Monday, sorry all!  Being back at work while stimming is kicking my butt.   My students started back yesterday and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through the day.  I actually came home and napped yesterday and I don’t nap.  My husband thought I was sick and was worried about me.

So back to Monday.  My appointment was at 8:15 but they were running way late.  Then they told me my RE didn’t make it back from visiting his family so I had to see the new woman.  Actually they just gave me the name of the doctor and since there are only 3 men RE’s at my practice I was surprised when a female showed up.

She was nice but I didn’t know anything about her or even if she was an RE.  I asked my nurse who said she is new to the practice.  She looked at my lining and said it was already at 8!   That’s great as that’s the minimum they want it to be and I was there early.

She found my right ovary easily as they all do.  There were NINE FOLLICLES!   This is huge people!  They were small, she made sure to tell me that multiple time, but NINE !   My nurse was in there with me and was thrilled as well.   They were all between 8-12 so they were growing evenly too.

As for old lefty, she was giving the RE a hard time.   She could partially see it and found at least 4 follicles but said there could be more as she couldn’t see the whole thing.   They were all between 7-9 so still in the ball game.

That means I have 13 follicles in the game.  I realize this doesn’t mean they’ll get 13 or even if all 13 will continue to grow.  While my AFC the last two times has been 12 and 13, they’ve only seen 10 and 11 follicles even growing so I’m already looking better then previously.  I’m hoping that they can retrieve all 13 or that there are more.

I also got my E2 back and it was 510 which is ok.  My nurse was happy with that number but I really need it to have doubled by tomorrow’s appointment.   If I’m to have at least 10 mature follicles I need to be around 2000.   So tomorrow is my next appointment and I see the same woman because my RE is in surgery all day.   If I’m tallying everything right I’ll have egg retrieval between Sunday-Tuesday.  I can’t believe it’s here!

Ok in a way I can. The shots are getting annoying and my stomach is a mess (I’ll try to get a picture) but I feel like I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been thinking much about it.  I know it’s coming, I know this is happening, but until retrieval it isn’t going to seem real that this is our last shot.  Then I’ll be a wreck all week.   I have to go through fertilization reports daily and if I have enough (there IS a magic number) then on day 3 we’ll send cells from the embryos for PGD and get the results by day 5 for a fresh retrieval.  How insane is that?  Most people wait weeks and have frozen transfers but not here.

My guess is I won’t make it to PGD (which is really expensive and they already have my payment) but if I do, I’ll feel better knowing that what I’m putting back in is good.   So, please send me good vibes for my appointment tomorrow!


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