Second Monitoring Appointment (IVF #4)

So the second monitoring appointment this morning was a party.   It was my RE, the new RE, a med student, my nurse, and me.   Everyone was all up in me this morning!   I made a comment about the party being in my room and the med student got all embarrassed.  Toughen up young buck!

Anyhow things are looking good.  I had 6 good looking follicles on the right side ranging 12-16 and 4 on the left ranging from 14-16.   There could be more on the left but he couldn’t see the whole thing.   They are thinking he’s going to have to go through my uterus again to get to the ovary.  That means more pain which sucks but if it means more eggs I’ll do it.

My lining was at 12 and that made my RE really happy.   He had a big smile and the nurse looked at me and told me that thick, fluffy endometrium makes him really happy.  I guess that means me really happy too!

My evening med routine...too many things!

My nurse wanted my E2 to be about 1000 by today but when she called it wasn’t.   It was almost 1400!  That’s almost triple what it was on Monday.  She was very excited and said that was higher then it was on my last 2 cycles at trigger and I still have 2 or 3 days to go.

I quickly grabbed my old paperwork and she was right.  On my first cycle, the golden cycle, I was at 1700 at this point, went 2 more days, and they got 22 eggs, 17 mature.   I know I don’t have that in me but I’m hoping they can get more than 10 this time even though he’s only counting 10 at this point. I’m also hoping the quantity is better then the past 2 tries because it has sucked.

So I’m feeling pretty good at this point.  I go back on Saturday and my nurse thinks I’ll trigger then.  I think I will too.

My poor, bruised IVF stomach

I’ve been feeling bloated and heavy.  The doctor asked me how I’m feeling and if I’m not nauseous then he says I’m ok.   I’m hoping it’s just heaviness from my enlarged ovaries.   My stomach is also sore from the bruising.  It sucks.  I took a photo (you don’t have to look) to see what it looks like after 9 days of stims.

So, two more days until my next monitoring appointment and I might actually trigger!  I’m starting to feel hopeful which could be dangerous but I can’t help it this time.  Things are going so much better then last summer!



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