Two Week Wait (and things I can’t do)

Well here I am in the 2 week wait.   I’ve been pretty optimistic so far.   Having a decent number of eggs, the eggs fertilizing, having 3 blasts, them telling me they were good quality, and so on.   It’s been a whirl wind and I’ve been lucky so far.   I’ve felt pretty good and have been pretty happy but since yesterday I’m starting to feel down.

Maybe it’s because I’m 6dp5dt.   I feel like this is the turning point.  I could maybe test and see if it was positive or negative but I’m scared.    Yesterday I had horrible cramps in my lower abdomen and legs and it’s making me feel like my period is coming.   I’m hoping not, especially since I’m taking PIO shots, but who knows.   Otherwise I don’t think I’m having any symptoms.  My stomach has been queasy once or twice but I’m pretty sure that was from what I ate that day instead of being pregnant nauseous.

My beta is 4 days away.   I’m dreading it.   I know it could make me super happy but right now I’m thinking to myself that this is my 9th freaking beta.  Only once has it been positive and we all know how that ended.  I’m worried, I’m scared, and I really don’t want to go through all of this again.   The weekends go really slow and have me thinking about it an awful lot.   I just want Wednesday to be here so I can know for sure if it worked.

In the back on my mind I know I have 2 frosties so at least I have another chance but our clinics FET rates of success are low so that worries me too.  This was probably our best chance to have a baby and I just want to know now.

Also, my husband has been a stickler for me not doing things.  He doesn’t want me lifting heavy items, working out, or doing anything that could hurt the potential baby.  I appreciate the thought but I’m sure no matter what I do I’m either going to be pregnant or not.  I did skip zumba last week because I didn’t want to hurt anything.    I’ve also been careful not to lift anything too heavy but I can’t let this take over my life.

So here I am.  I’ll get the news on Wednesday.  Hopefully it’ll be good but right now I just don’t know.


6 thoughts on “Two Week Wait (and things I can’t do)

  1. heathermstaley2014

    The two week wait was always the hardest for me! I just tried to keep myself as busy or as content as possible. Bubble baths, dinner out with friends, a good book (or hell, who am I kidding a whole stack) etc. I am praying and hoping you finally get your rainbow baby!!!!



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