You Want Me to Start Birth Control Pills When??

So it’s been one week since I got my BFN.   It’s been emotional to say the least.   On Saturday morning I had book club.  It was going well until everyone started talking about their kids.  I was really sad and had nothing to say.   On Sunday my brother and sister in law came which was fun. They don’t have kids so that was actually a relief to have them visit.

My cousin had her baby on Monday and I was ok.  I talked to her, talked to my parents, saw the pictures of the baby, and even shared them with my husband.  It was ok.  However, on Tuesday morning I saw a photo of my parents holding the baby and I lost it.  I was really upset because I kept thinking I’d never have a photo of my parents holding a baby of mine.

Then I had my IV infusion and WTF appointment on Tuesday.   My nurse came in and asked how I was doing and I cried it out with her.  You could tell she felt awful about me not being pregnant.   We talked about possibly testing my 2 frozen embryos but for the cost of that I can do an entire frozen transfer cycle so I said no.  She asked me when I wanted to do a frozen cycle and I told her I’d like to do one next cycle and then if that doesn’t work wait until the spring to do another.

So she asks what day of my cycle I’m on, I say day 4 or 5 and she says I need to start birth control pills immediately.  I was like WHAT???  She told me I needed a baseline today to make sure everything looks good, start BCP’s that night, do it for 21 days, then start estrogen.   After I get my period I’ll come in on day 14 to check my lining and on day 19 we’ll trasnfer.  I was not expecting any of that!

I had a ton of questions but it seems like it’ll be a super easy cycle.  I won’t know what to do with myself.  Even when I did IUI’s I did shots so this is going to be weird.  Hopefully I won’t even feel like I’m cycling and I’ll be nice and relaxed.  That’s my hope at least.  I just can’t believe how fast it happened.

So I went into the room and had an ultrasound.  My doctor had two students with him.  One did the ultrasound for about 30 seconds but then my doctor got impatient.  He told her “You whizzed right by her ovary!  You need to stop on that!”  He then took over and looked.  He said I had some fluid in my uterus but my ovaries looked back to normal.  He was all for me going ahead.   Before he left he let me know that with the process they now use to freeze at this clinic I actually have a better chance of getting pregnant.  Apparently the SART data is all from when they used the old process.   SO here’s to hoping my body reacts better to a frozen cycle.

It’s hard to believe in all these years and with 4 IVF cycles I’ve never done a frozen cycle but I’ve never had anything frozen before.   I think it’s going to be nice not having to pump a ton of drugs into my body.  So as of right now we are looking at an early November transfer.


4 thoughts on “You Want Me to Start Birth Control Pills When??

    1. 26rainbow Post author

      I know! I told my husband I won’t even feel like we are doing this transfer as I’ve done 4 IVF cycles and my IUI’s have been loaded with shots. This is my first FET and it seems very relaxed.



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