A Quick Update

So I’m been seriously busy this month.   Work is kicking my butt as I’ve had a training or series of meetings every single week so I haven’t had much time with my students.  It’s driving me crazy!   I’ve also had a lot of baking orders so I feel like I’ve been running.

This weekend has been more relaxing.   Today is my last birth control pill so I should be getting my period in the next few days and then I’ll call my nurse and start my oral estrogen.  I have an appointment on the 18th for my 5th IV infusion.   That’s about it!  By my calculations I should be transferring around the end of October.  I can’t believe how relaxed this transfer will be.

I’ve also decided I need to take control of my weight.  I’ve gained over 10 pounds since May and it’s ridiculous.  I know it’s from being on birth control and cycling but usually I can drop the weight quickly and it’s not happening this time.  It might be because I’ve been on birth control pills every other month but who knows.  I’ve been doing a lot of exercising and I’ve been counting calories and I hope to have at least 5 pounds off by my transfer.

Funny story about going to my yearly gynecologist appointment.   The nurse was super young.  I go through my history with her, tell her about IVF, etc.   I tell her I am on birth control for this month only because of my frozen transfer.  She looks at me and asks what i do for birth control the rest of the time.  I pretty much laughed in her face and said, “Honey, if 2 doctors, a nurse, and my husband in a room can’t get me pregnant, I don’t think I really have to worry about that.”  She just stared at me and had nothing to say.  I mean really?  I just told you I’ve done 4 IVF cycles and can’t get pregnant.

Later on the doctor comes in and she talks with me about infertility a lot.  Asks how I’m handling it, wants to know how I’m feeling, and she gets it.  When she goes to do my exam she asks if it’s weird just having her and the nurse in there.  I laughed because she knows my RE is at a teaching hospital and there is always a crowd in with me.   I told her it was nice not to have an audience.   Funny the big difference between the doctor and the nurse.

So, I guess I’ll start estrogen later on this week!


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