Monitoring for my Frozen Transfer

So it’s been a few weeks.   They’ve been busy with my baking, visits from my family, and working.  I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by a lot so thankfully this frozen transfer prep has been a piece of cake.  All I have to do is remember to take 2 or 3 estrogen pills a day.  However, apparently I could never remember in the morning before work so I would end up taking the pills at 4, 7, and 10 most days.   I tried!

So last week I did my IV Infusion and it was a disaster.  I’d had a rough night where I was dizzy for about 2 hours and my left arm was tingling.  It scared me so I didn’t want them putting the IV in my left arm where they normally do.  It’s my good vein but I was scared.  The nurses agreed to do my right arm.

Well the nurse doing it was freaking out a bit.  She hit my vein but went through it so they couldn’t use it.  After that she refused to try again because she didn’t want to hurt me.  I told her to just do it, it was fine, I could handle it, but she wouldn’t.  So my nurse (the head nurse) came in to do it.  She tried on the same arm and when she got the needle in the stupid catheter broke!   The needle popped right out of it and they had to remove it.  My poor arm was so sore.

So they went to my left arm, the good one, and got it started there.  Then everything was fine.  My nurse and I chatted and it was decided that I would have monitoring on Monday (24th) and my transfer Friday afternoon (28).  My lining is always good so they didn’t see it would be a problem.

I went in for monitoring on Monday.  My doctor described my lining as “luscious”.   He cracks me up.   It was at 12mm and had the tri pattern.   He said he couldn’t imagine my estrogen levels would be off because everything looked good.   Well, he was right in that aspect. My nurse called 2 hours later and said my estrogen looked great BUT my progesterone was high….too high.

They said with that amount it looked like I already ovulated and it was only day 14.  My normal cycles I ovulate on day 17 or 18 and even when I’m pumped full of my for IVF I don’t ovulate until day 13.  According to my charting it says I ovulated on day 12 but now my temperatures are back down so I don’t know.  They have me coming back in on Saturday to do another scan and bloodwork.  If my bloodwork is still high I’ll be cancelled.   If it looks good we will transfer next week.

I can’t believe this is what’s happening.  I was so certain I would transfer Friday which would have been great.  I could take the whole weekend to relax plus I have teacher work time Friday afternoon so I wasn’t even going to have to get a substitute!  So now we wait.  If I’m cancelled we’ll just start again next month but that will put my transfer close to Thanksgiving which isn’t good since I’m helping host at my brother’s house and I’ll be doing all of the cooking.


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