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IV Infusion #3

Well it’s been a whole month since I last posted.    There isn’t much to post when I’m not cycling and I’ve been down in the dumps because of being delayed.   I’ve also been down because while I am so, so happy that several of my friends who have infertility difficulties have gotten pregnant in the last month, it just makes me sadder to think it’s probably never going to happen for me.  I see others who get pregnant on their first IUI cycle or even their first IVF cycle and I feel jealous and sad for myself.  I hate feeling that way but it is what it is.

So yesterday I had my third IV Infusion.  Let me tell you, these things are adding up price wise.   The actual medication is $35 with my co-pay but running the IV and the doctors visit runs close to $300.  When I thought I was cycling in June I figured I’d have 2 infusions, pay $600, and be on my merry way.  Now I’m going to have to have at least 4 and pay around $1200 during the summer when I don’t get a paycheck.  Infertility is so great!

Anyhow, after the fiasco of the IV infusion last time the head nurse got me herself.  I had no wait in the waiting room, she took me right back, and told me to get comfortable.  There’s supposed to be no food or drink in the back but she always lets me bring in something during my infusions.  So I got myself settled and she came in, got my IV running then put in the infusion.

I cautiously asked how the lab was going.  She turned and smiled before speaking so I knew it was good news.  She said as of last week they are on track to be finished the first week of August.  The old filtration system is out and they are currently building the new one which will take 3-4 weeks.  In the process they also convinced the university to buy them 2 brand new, state of the art incubators as well so maybe it’s a good thing that we were delayed.   It sounds like they are updating much of their equipment which can only help my cause.

The nurse then told me that they were repainting the waiting room, getting new floors, and stripping the wallpaper.  They haven’t been able to do it because of cycles going on but since everyone is delayed they are updating the entire place.  It looks great!

By this time my infusion was running and we started talking about my cycle.  I should get a period July 22 or 23 and I will start birth control on day 2 along with my baby aspirin.  I will then call her and she’ll go over when to start the estrogen and the Lupron shots.  I’m so relieved that we are finally moving on.  I’ve been on the bench since November and it has really sucked.  That’s 9 months people and in the land of DOR that is NOT GOOD.  Thankfully my AMH is up so I’m not feeling as bad about it.

I still really wish I was doing this during the summer so if it doesn’t work I’d have some time to process it.  As it stands now, my retrieval will be around the first week of school for my students.  This sucks as I am getting a new aide and a new half time special ed teacher with me.  I hate leaving my kids with people they don’t know, especially the first week of school.

So that’s where we are.  I’m about a week and a half out from starting birth control which will mean my IVF cycle has officially started.  My 4th and final attempt to have a baby.   Looking at my chart this journey has been pretty crazy.  We’ve been trying since May 2013 and have been not trying/not preventing since May 2012.  I’ve been through 3 IVF cycles, 5 IUI’s, 2 hysteroscopies, and a miscarriage with a D&C.   All of that has been since January 2014.

I do think this is the longest time we’ve gone without cycling though so hopefully my body is good and rested.  I’m slightly concerned because I’ve had some pain in my ovary area and am really hoping it’s not a cyst.  I think I’ll lose my mind if I get cancelled due to a cyst.

So, I should be writing again in a week or so with more updates and will be more regular from then on since I’ll be actively cycling and there is always a lot to tell during that period.


SHG results

Thursday was my sonohysterogram.  I was very anxious going in because the last two times I had one they found polyps and I had to have hysteroscopies.   It’s not that the hysteroscopy is bad, but they have to knock me out for them and then I’m cramping and sore for several days.

They took me back while my husband was doing a Starbucks run for us.   I went and got bloodwork first.   I was getting my Vitamin D, natural killer cells, and my AMH checked.  They had to take 7 vials of blood.   Apparently the natural killer cells need 4 vials of blood drawn.   My nurse was so worried that I was going to pass out she offered me juice and soda.  I declined telling her that I actually felt pretty good.

She took me to the exam room and had me remove my bottoms.  I started getting really anxious.  Thankfully my husband was back by this point and came into the room to wait with me.  We waited about 15 minutes and then my nurse came in followed by my doctor and a med student.  The one thing I don’t like about this office is it’s part of a teaching hospital so there are often med students in the room.  However, because it’s a teaching hospital the cost of all the procedures is cheaper.

So the doctor got everything prepared and then inserted the catheter.   It hit the back of my uterus and hurt a bit.   He quickly put in the ultrasound and the saline solution.   After a minute he took everything out and told me it looked good!   There were not polyps!  Third time’s a charm for SHG’s apparently.

After the doctor and med student left my nurse stayed to talk to me.  She and I went over a general protocol though I’ll be getting my actual one next month after my bloodwork comes in.  She told me she should be calling me on Tuesday and Thursday with my bloodwork results.  She said based on those they’ll tweak my new protocol.  I’ll be doing estrogen priming again but not as crazy as last time.

I asked about HGH and she told me she’d ask the doctor.   She left and I got dressed.   When we walked out to the hall the doctor wanted to speak to my husband and I.  We walked in and sat down.  It turns out he wanted to talk to us about the HGH.   He said that many years ago he and the man who started using HGH in IVF cycles shared a lab.  They were friends then and continue to be.  The other man no longer uses it in IVF cycles because he found that if there is any improvement it is so marginal that it does not outweigh the cost of it.  He said that in several cases it may have helped but he couldn’t prove it and it was only 1 or 2 more eggs so he does not see the value.  I agreed with him and we decided not to use it.

So now we just wait for the bloodwork results.  I’m so happy and relieved that the SHG was clear.  Now the result I really need is my AMH.  I’m really scared at what it will be.  February 2015 it was .26 and I don’t want it much lower then that (not that it can go much lower!)

Scheduled my appointments

I feel like I’m not writing nearly as much but when I’m not cycling I don’t have much to say.  It’s been over 3 months since I’ve been to the RE’s office.   I’ve written my nurse several times to get some feedback on some different ideas and she’s been great.

So today I started my period.  Usually that would make me sad but today it meant I could schedule my SHG appointment.  I’m going March 24 and I’m so ready.  I’m hoping I get the all clear so I don’t have to do yet another hysteroscopy.  I’ve had 2 SHG’s before and both times they found polyps and had to go in and remove them.  I’m hoping this type around my poor uterus is clear and ready to go.

We will also be doing blood work.  I’m getting my natural killer cells and my AMH levels tested.   My AMH was .26 last February and I’m just hoping it hasn’t dropped anymore.  It seems like my ovaries respond fine but the quality of my eggs must just really suck.  So I’m hoping for anything over .2 at this point.  They are also looking to see if I should be tested for Vitamin D levels.

After my appointment we can determine a date for our 4th and final IVF cycle.   I’m hoping for the best and am going to try to be as positive as possible.  I hate that we’ve waited this long to do it but I need to do it in the summer as my job is super stressful and I’m not sure if I could do it otherwise…not in the spring at least.

I’m also planning on calling for an accupuncture appointment in early April.  I’d like 8 weeks of accupuncture before my egg retrieval and since it’ll be mid-June this should work out for me.  I’ve never done it before but there is a place my RE recommended and it’s $60 per session and the woman specializes in working with fertility patients. I figure it’s time to throw the kitchen sink at this and see what works.

Post Opp Appointment

Last Tuesday I had my Post Opp Appointment.   My husband and I went in hoping to hear that everything looked good and that we could start IVF as soon as the PGD laser came in.

While there we found out that what the doctor removed from my uterus was indeed a polyp.  It was a rather large polyp and the doctor was very glad we removed it because it was taking up a lot of space where an embryo might implant. I was glad to hear we made the right decision in having it removed.

After he discussed the polyp with us he shook my hand and said he’d see me in June.  I looked and him and told him that the nurse said he was going to talk about our options with IVF in June and July.  He told me there weren’t any options anymore, that the check came for the laser so it will be up and running by mid to late June so IVF in June is a go!

I was happy to hear it but nervous.   Of course I started freaking out on the way home.  Do I have all the medications?  Do I have enough needles?  What if I run out of medication?  What if I have to go to my parents during this cycle and they don’t understand why I don’t want to get in the pool?  (I don’t want to get it because they would be able to see my bruised arms and stomach).

When we got home I went right to my medication box and got out all of my paperwork.  I tried matching everything up and feel like I did a pretty good job.  I do think I’m missing a certain size needle and possibly one type of syringe.  I e0mailed my nurse this weekend and asked her to please call me when she gets back from vacation so we can go over everything.

I can hardly believe we are here.   It was 10 months ago that we did IVF for the first time and here we are again. Who would have thought we’d be here this year?  I’m keeping everything crossed that this time goes smoothly and that I have some good news before my 35th birthday in July.


Last Friday I had my hysteroscopy.   My surgery was scheduled for 7:15am and I guess I figured we only needed to be there 20 or 30 minutes before the scheduled time…boy was I wrong.   The night before I got a call telling me to be there by 5:30am.  Now that’s early anyhow but the hospital was over an hour away so we ended up leaving the house around 4:30.

We got to the hospital around 5:40 and went up to the same day surgery wing.  I thought ahead this time and wore my hoodie and a pair of sweatpants knows I’d probably be hurting afterwards.   Once we registered I was taken back to get prepped for surgery while my husband waited in the waiting room.

A nurse came in and talked to me and asked me a few questions.   Then she hooked up the blood pressure cuff, a heart monitor, and took my temperature.  All of my vital signs looked good and she said I was healthy so this procedure shouldn’t be too bad.

Next another nurse came in.  She was there to put in my IV.   She grabbed my hand and I told her that was a bad place to put it in.  I told her it hurt and that it always blew my vein.  She assured me the plump vein in my hand would be fine.   She pushed in the needle and a pain went shooting up my arm.  She had to move it around a bit to hit the vein.   She took a vial of blood and then hooked up the IV.

By this time blood had dripped on my sheet, on my hands, and all over the floor.  She quickly twisted the cap on the IV and then swabbed my hand.  She got a new bandage and put it over the IV.  She assured me I was fine and that the IV was running properly.  This was not a good start.

After the IV went in my husband was able to come back with me.  We just sat and talked for a while until the anesthesiologist came in.   She was a super nice woman and I was so glad to have her since the anesthesiologist I had for my D&C was a complete jerk.  This woman explained everything to me, told me I was healthy and I shouldn’t have any problems, then answered my husbands questions.   I signed the forms and handed them over to her.

Then the nurse anesthetist came in.  She was very down to earth and told me exactly how it was going to be.  She said she would put in the anti-nausea medicine, then the pain medicine, then roll me back.  Once we got to the OR she’d give me the actual anesthesia.  She put in both medicines and let me kiss my husband goodbye.

As we were rolling down the hallway my vision started getting blurry.  Before we even made it to the OR I was out for the count.  I guess getting up at 4 am and not eating put me to sleep.  I woke up at 8:40, nearly 1 1/2 hours after my scheduled surgery time.  I was very worried something was wrong and that was why I was out for so long.

As it turned out I was in and out of surgery in about 30 minutes.   The RE went and talked to my husband just before 8 showing him the pictures of the mass he removed from my uterus.   He wasn’t sure what it was so they sent it out for a pathology report but the RE said he was glad they got it.  It was taking up a large part of my uterus and I’ll have a better chance of conceiving now that it’s out.

I sat quietly for about 10 minutes before the nurse moved me to the other recovery room.  At this point they went and got my husband.  He was really worried about me since it was almost an hour since the doctor had talked to him.  Apparently it took me longer to wake up then they anticipated.   I figure it was just because I was tired.

I felt ok when I woke up.   A little sore in my lower abdomen but ok.   The nurse helped me to the bathroom because I had to pee before I was allowed to leave. I had some moderate bleeding but nothing major.   The gave me some pain medication and sent me on my way.

I actually felt pretty good so we went and got coffee and did a little shopping at Target.   By the time we got home I had some pain but not much.  My husband went and filled my pain medications and when he came home I took both of them.  We went out and got frozen yogurt that night.

About 3:30 in the morning the pain meds wore off.   I had severe pain in my lower abdomen.  I ran for the kitchen and grabbed the pain medication and took it.  After about 30 minutes it kicked in and I was able to sleep.  All day Saturday I was in pain.  The bleeding had mostly stopped, I was just spotting, but the pain was bad.   I took the max dose of both the pain medications but I was still hurting.   My stomach was swollen and I had to wear my sweatpants again instead of my jeans.   My left hand, where the IV was, was also swollen and black and blue as the vein had burst.  I was not in great shape.

The next day was rough.  I took my pain meds all day and basically sat on the couch all day long.  I had a lot of pain and cramping.   On Sunday I felt ok, though still had some pain.  My husband helped me to the grocery store and carried everything for me.  By the time we got back home I was sore and exhausted.  I was SO GLAD I made the surgery appointment for Friday so I had the weekend to rest.

By Monday morning I was feeling ok.  I had a little bit of soreness but the pain was all gone.  My hand was swollen and black and blue from the IV but that was the worse of it.   I’m just glad that is out of the way and we are in the final countdown of IVF 2.0.

Pre-Op for Hysteroscopy

This past Friday I had to go in for my Pre-Op for my Hysteroscopy this week.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it was a whirlwind of a day!

We went to the RE’s office and met with him first.  He pretty much just explained the procedure to us which we were familiar with since I had one last summer as well.  While listening to my heart he detected a heart murmur which no one has ever heard before so that was unexpected and a little worrisome.   My grandmother had horrible heart problems and open heart surgery at least 5 times during  her life.  My brother has a heart murmur too so I’m thinking it’s probably a hereditary thing.  Not cool.

After meeting with the RE we went over to the hospital to meet with some others.  Our first stop was the lab to have blood work done.  This was actually our blood work for our IVF cycle, not the hysteroscopy, but we did it the same day.   We each had 3 vials of blood taken and had to give a urine sample so a good time was had by all.

Next we went up to the pre-op area to meet with a few nurses.   The firsts nurse took my blood pressure, which is always good, my pulse, and my blood sugar level.   My blood sugar level was low but my guess is that was because my husband and I hadn’t eaten much that day because we knew we were going out to dinner after my appointments.   No big deal and I was sent to yet another room to meet with yet another person.  This one was a nurse practitioner.

She asked me a ton of questions and gave me a few instructions.  I’m not to take ibuprofen or Advil, my multi-vitamin, or my CoQ10 for 7 days before the procedure.  She also asked about chronic problems so we talked about my shoulder problems.   She wrote everything down then told me another nurse would be with me.

The next nurse came in and went through the procedure with me.  She asked me more questions, some the same as the ones the previous nurse asked.   She then handed me a bag with information about the procedure.  She also gave me soap that I’m to use the night before and the morning of the procedure.  Then she asked if I had any questions and sent me on my way.

It was a total whirlwind of a day but I’m glad we got everything taken care of.  I just got all my blood test results back and everything was normal so that is good.   Three days until the hysteroscopy.



Yesterday I had a sonohysterogram.   It was the second one I’ve ever had and it’s in preparation for our next IVF cycle.   I crossed my fingers and went in hoping they wouldn’t see anything.   There was an intern, the RE, and the nurse.

First off the nurse got me ready.  She’s the best.   She’s older but it turns out she’s a Nurse Practitioner, teaches nursing at the college, and has tons of experience.  The intern and doctor came in and the intern cleaned my cervix and tried to put in the speculum. She couldn’t get it in so they had to go with a smaller speculum.  She got that one in.


Next the intern tried to put in the cathetor but she could not get it.   The RE then tried and told the nurse to make a note this would be a problem for transfer.  He finally got it in going up the left side and told me it would be ok.  They started inserting the saline.   The RE took a lot of pictures.

When he asked for more saline I knew I was in trouble.   He and the nurse talked for a moment then he turned the screen towards me.   She showed me a long, thin strip going across my uterus.   He said it could be scar tissue or it could just be endometrium.   He was going to ask the other RE, the one doing my IVF cycle with me, what he wanted to do.

They helped me sit up and everyone but the nurse left.   She pulled the blanket over me, told me to sit for a few minutes to drain, and then handed me a pad.   I sat for 2 minutes and nothing was coming out.  I stood up and…..yeah there was the solution, mixed with a little blood.

I got myself dressed and went to talk to the doctor.   He, the intern, and the other RE sat me down and took a look.   While they said it could be nothing, it looked like some tissue.   The RE was worried because it’s in a place where an embryo would implant and he didn’t want to take the chance.   I agreed with him.  If I’m going through days of shots, medications, egg retrieval, and a transfer, I want to do everything I can to give myself the best chance.

I walked out of the room and my husband could tell by the look on my face what had happened.  It sucks but I want the best chance possible because I don’t know how many more times I can go through the hope and disappointment.

My hysteroscopy is scheduled for May 1 with a pre-op on April 24.  While I’m not happy about going under again, I just want whatever it is gone.