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31 weeks + a baby shower

Somedays I can’t believe I’m 31 weeks already and other days I can’t wait to meet baby boy and it seems like time is going so slow!  I think once we have the nursery done I’ll be full on ready to meet this baby.   I’m so far along that I’m currently doing bi-weekly appointments.

My latest appointment was on Thursday.  It was just a quick check and everything is looking good.  My uterus is measuring right on for 31 weeks, baby boy’s heartrate was in between 135-140 which was perfect, and he is currently head down.  This surprised me because when I feel him it’s usually on either side near my hips so I figured he was laying sideways.  Apparently that is not the case.

A few weeks ago I had a ton of bloodwork done and had to do my 1 hour glucose test.  My numbers apparently came back just fine on the glucose test which is great!  I was a little worried about that.  All of my other bloodwork came back good as well.  The midwife said it looked good and it should make things easier for me when I’m in labor.

We also took our birthing classes this past week.  It was supposed to be a 3 day class but ended up being 2 days because there were only 4 couples in our class.   The first day wasn’t very informative as it was a lot of information about being pregnant which we already knew.  The second day was a lot about labor, the actual hospital where we are delivering, breathing techniques, and relaxation techniques so it was pretty good.

As for progress on the nursery, we have everything moved out of the room and I’ve taped it off so it is ready to be painted.   We also have the paint so I’m hoping that gets done this week.  Then we just need to build the crib so I can put everything away and assess what we still need to buy.

Speaking of what we still need to buy, last week was my shower at home.   I had 15 people come and thought it would be super fast but it actually ended up being about 2 and a half hours long and it was so nice to see my childhood friends and my family.   My mom, cousin, and sister-in-law did a great job on the decor.

Our nursery theme is space and they went all out on the decor.   There was a diaper cake with a baby bottle rocket, clothing hanging from the ceiling was all space themed, there were pictures that were space themed, etc.   The cake was from a little bakery and it was delicious.  I’m not big on store bought cakes but it was really good.  Then there were adorable cookies as well.

We played a few games and basically just chatted.   I opened up a ton of presents for only having 15 people there!   We got our 3 in 1 carseat, the carseat base for our infant carrier, a Boppi, a Moby wrap, an Exer-Saucer, a Pack-N-Play, lots of diapers, lots of clothes, and lots of books.  Pretty much we’ve gotten all of our big items which is a big relief!

I think now I just need to get our bedding, some smaller sized clothes, some pacifiers, bottles, and other small things.  We also need the crib conversion kit so we can transition into a toddler bed.   We received a bunch of gift cards as well so that should really help us out!   Oh, the only big thing we need is our stroller which I found on Amazon for $50 cheaper then anywhere else and it qualifies for the 15% off completion discount so that should really help with the price.  Otherwise, we are almost ready to go!


It’s Official: My Body Hates Me

As the title says, my body hates me.   I was supposed to go back to the doctor on Saturday for a monitoring appointment to see if we could still go for a transfer.   However, on Friday I started spotting bright red.  I thought it was really weird since it was only cycle day 18 so I called my nurse to tell her.  She said regardless to come in so they could check things out.

Saturday morning I woke up to cramps, a headache, and a full blown period…on day 19.   WHAT?   In the 25 years I’ve had a period I’ve NEVER gotten one that early.   To my memory the earliest I’ve ever gotten a period was on day 24.  Since my normal cycle is usually 30 days this is insane.

I went to my chart and I did have dotted lines at day 12 so I could have ovulated then and my day 14 bloodwork suggested I had.   But even if I did ovulate on day 12 that would mean my LP was only 6 days long.  It doesn’t even make any sense but there you have it.

So I went in and they did a blood draw.   That was fun in itself since after the nurse got the needle in she went to put on the tube and it went flying across the room and my blood splattered all over the chair, my nurse, and me.   It was pretty gross but I stayed calm, looked at my nurse and said, “Happy Halloween!”

Then I went in for an ultrasound.  My RE seemed perplexed.   He said my lining looked a little off and he could see where I was bleeding.  He said it was odd because some of the bleeding was going towards my abdomen.   He said we would not be doing a transfer because he wants everything perfect and obviously something is wrong.

They got my results back and my estrogen was higher at 220 and my progesterone was fairly low but they said they can’t figure out why I ovulated through the estrace.   So new plan!   I was hoping that since my period started Friday we could just go ahead and cycle again but no go.  They want me on a birth control starting tomorrow for 14 days overlapped with Lupron to make sure I don’t ovulate next month.  So 14 days on the pill, get withdrawl bleeding, continue on with Lupron and start estrace.   So now we are looking at an early December transfer.   Just the time I DIDN’T want to transfer.  Who wants a crappy beta the week before Christmas??  Not this girl but that’s when it will be.

Stay tuned to see how things go.  I should have known I couldn’t just cycle with a pill.  That would be way too easy and my body is anything but easy as we know.

Monitoring for my Frozen Transfer

So it’s been a few weeks.   They’ve been busy with my baking, visits from my family, and working.  I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by a lot so thankfully this frozen transfer prep has been a piece of cake.  All I have to do is remember to take 2 or 3 estrogen pills a day.  However, apparently I could never remember in the morning before work so I would end up taking the pills at 4, 7, and 10 most days.   I tried!

So last week I did my IV Infusion and it was a disaster.  I’d had a rough night where I was dizzy for about 2 hours and my left arm was tingling.  It scared me so I didn’t want them putting the IV in my left arm where they normally do.  It’s my good vein but I was scared.  The nurses agreed to do my right arm.

Well the nurse doing it was freaking out a bit.  She hit my vein but went through it so they couldn’t use it.  After that she refused to try again because she didn’t want to hurt me.  I told her to just do it, it was fine, I could handle it, but she wouldn’t.  So my nurse (the head nurse) came in to do it.  She tried on the same arm and when she got the needle in the stupid catheter broke!   The needle popped right out of it and they had to remove it.  My poor arm was so sore.

So they went to my left arm, the good one, and got it started there.  Then everything was fine.  My nurse and I chatted and it was decided that I would have monitoring on Monday (24th) and my transfer Friday afternoon (28).  My lining is always good so they didn’t see it would be a problem.

I went in for monitoring on Monday.  My doctor described my lining as “luscious”.   He cracks me up.   It was at 12mm and had the tri pattern.   He said he couldn’t imagine my estrogen levels would be off because everything looked good.   Well, he was right in that aspect. My nurse called 2 hours later and said my estrogen looked great BUT my progesterone was high….too high.

They said with that amount it looked like I already ovulated and it was only day 14.  My normal cycles I ovulate on day 17 or 18 and even when I’m pumped full of my for IVF I don’t ovulate until day 13.  According to my charting it says I ovulated on day 12 but now my temperatures are back down so I don’t know.  They have me coming back in on Saturday to do another scan and bloodwork.  If my bloodwork is still high I’ll be cancelled.   If it looks good we will transfer next week.

I can’t believe this is what’s happening.  I was so certain I would transfer Friday which would have been great.  I could take the whole weekend to relax plus I have teacher work time Friday afternoon so I wasn’t even going to have to get a substitute!  So now we wait.  If I’m cancelled we’ll just start again next month but that will put my transfer close to Thanksgiving which isn’t good since I’m helping host at my brother’s house and I’ll be doing all of the cooking.

Monitoring Appointment #3 (IVF #4)

So I had another monitoring appointment yesterday.  My old RE did the monitoring because my new RE was doing an egg retrieval…on my OB/gyn!   What a crazy beginning to the day that was!

My old RE is super thorough.   He measures follicles from 3 angles instead of 2 so it took a while longer.  My nurse was off yesterday so the insurance coordinator, who I love, was in with me taking the notes.

As of right now it looks like I had 7 follicles on the right between 12-20, most of them being between 15-17.  On the left I had 5 follicles between 11-16.  They wanted to wait for my bloodwork before deciding whether or not to trigger me.  My RE came in, reviewed the data, and stated that he really wanted to push me another day if the numbers came in ok.   I’m all for that since I’d like some of those 15’s to mature.

I went home feeling ok.   Some of my follicles were clearly bigger while others looked similar to my previous appointment.  I’m worried I’m going to lose the 20 and that the 11 and 12’s aren’t going to make it.   I hate the waiting game.  This is like the worst time during monitoring.  I always feel like the worst times are the day you do your AFC, the day before egg retrieval, the day after egg retrieval when you get the fertilization report, and the day of transfer.    Of course the very worst is beta day but those other 4 are pretty sucky too.

So my husband and I decided to go shopping while we had some time and while in a store my nurse called.   She said they are pushing me back one day because my numbers came back good.  Guys, my E2 is 2115!   WHAT?!  I haven’t had an E2 that high since my first round of IVF.   I’m getting really nervous, scared, and excited over here.  Is it too much to hope for that I get 10 retrieved (which has happened the last 2 times), all 10 are mature, and 4 fertilize????   That’s what I’m hoping for since the last two times I’ve had 2 and 3 fertilize.

If we get 4 and they make it to day 3 they will send them out for PGD and I’ll have a day 5 transfer.   Again, I haven’t had a day 5 transfer since my first cycle.  That would almost be too good to be true.  PLUS, as a recap, on that first cycle I had 22 retrieved, 17 mature, 10 fertilize, and only 3 make it to day 5 so I’m a little worried about waiting.  However, I’d love to have 1 or 2 to freeze just so we can have another shot if needed.

So, I did my last day of stims last night.   I’ll trigger tonight at 9:30.   Egg retrieval is at 7:30 on Tuesday morning.  I have to be there by 7.   Please keep me in your thoughts as I’m already beginning to freak out!

Shots, shots, shots, shots!

So stims have officially started as of Wednesday night.   I’m amazed by how many items I have to take into the bathroom with me each night.  I’m only doing 3 shots (only right?) but it takes a lot.   I have my Follistim pen, a needle for the Follistim, the syringe for the Menopur, 2 bottles for the Menopur (the water and the powder), the Q cap, a 27G 1/2 inch needle for the Menopur, the bottle of Lupron, an insulin needle for the Lupron, my estrogen suppository, 3 alcohol swabs (1 for the bottles, one to clean my stomach, one for when my stomach bleeds), and a band-aid.   I mean, it takes me like 15 minutes to do everything and I’m a pro by this point.  I didn’t even read any of the instructions, look at videos, or my manuals this time.

So the Follistim is fine. The needle is tiny and doesn’t bother me much.   I did get a big bruise though on Thursday from this needle and I’m not sure why.  I’m totally over the Lupron.  I had a migraine Wednesday and Thursday nights.  I’ve had a low ache headache since then.   Then there’s the Menopur.  This is my nemesis.   It burns like you wouldn’t believe if you’ve never done it.  I hate the stuff and I have to do the whole vial this time which sucks.

So is all of this working?   I don’t know.   That’s the part I hate about this process.  I have my first monitoring appointment in the morning.  I’ll have been on my stims for 5 days then so we’ll see if things are going on.  I’m thinking they are because I’m starting to feel bloated and have some pressure in the area where my ovaries are.  Since I didn’t have an AFC I don’t even know what to hope for.   Last time my AFC was 13 so I hoped for at least 10 retrieved and that’s what I got.   At this point I could have 4 follicles or 20.  I have no clue and since my AMH is different then it was the last 2 times I really feel like I’ve been thrown a curve ball.

So I’ll do my stims tonight, have bloodwork and ultrasound in the morning, then my nurse will call and let me know if I need to change my dosage.   I started out at 450 of Follistim but that was only for 2 days and now I’m at 375 which is the lowest dose I’ve ever been on (though I was only on 225 of Gonal-F my first cycle).

So think of me tomorrow morning and send good fairy dust and unicorn poop my way when I’m at the office.  I have to rush back to go to work but I’m hoping to post my results tomorrow evening.

SHG results

Thursday was my sonohysterogram.  I was very anxious going in because the last two times I had one they found polyps and I had to have hysteroscopies.   It’s not that the hysteroscopy is bad, but they have to knock me out for them and then I’m cramping and sore for several days.

They took me back while my husband was doing a Starbucks run for us.   I went and got bloodwork first.   I was getting my Vitamin D, natural killer cells, and my AMH checked.  They had to take 7 vials of blood.   Apparently the natural killer cells need 4 vials of blood drawn.   My nurse was so worried that I was going to pass out she offered me juice and soda.  I declined telling her that I actually felt pretty good.

She took me to the exam room and had me remove my bottoms.  I started getting really anxious.  Thankfully my husband was back by this point and came into the room to wait with me.  We waited about 15 minutes and then my nurse came in followed by my doctor and a med student.  The one thing I don’t like about this office is it’s part of a teaching hospital so there are often med students in the room.  However, because it’s a teaching hospital the cost of all the procedures is cheaper.

So the doctor got everything prepared and then inserted the catheter.   It hit the back of my uterus and hurt a bit.   He quickly put in the ultrasound and the saline solution.   After a minute he took everything out and told me it looked good!   There were not polyps!  Third time’s a charm for SHG’s apparently.

After the doctor and med student left my nurse stayed to talk to me.  She and I went over a general protocol though I’ll be getting my actual one next month after my bloodwork comes in.  She told me she should be calling me on Tuesday and Thursday with my bloodwork results.  She said based on those they’ll tweak my new protocol.  I’ll be doing estrogen priming again but not as crazy as last time.

I asked about HGH and she told me she’d ask the doctor.   She left and I got dressed.   When we walked out to the hall the doctor wanted to speak to my husband and I.  We walked in and sat down.  It turns out he wanted to talk to us about the HGH.   He said that many years ago he and the man who started using HGH in IVF cycles shared a lab.  They were friends then and continue to be.  The other man no longer uses it in IVF cycles because he found that if there is any improvement it is so marginal that it does not outweigh the cost of it.  He said that in several cases it may have helped but he couldn’t prove it and it was only 1 or 2 more eggs so he does not see the value.  I agreed with him and we decided not to use it.

So now we just wait for the bloodwork results.  I’m so happy and relieved that the SHG was clear.  Now the result I really need is my AMH.  I’m really scared at what it will be.  February 2015 it was .26 and I don’t want it much lower then that (not that it can go much lower!)

Monitoring Appointment (IVF #3)

So my first monitoring appointment was yesterday morning, after my major freak out.   I was still worrying as I walked in the door.  As soon as I reached the counter my nurse was out the door with a shot of Ganirelix.  She told me to go back to the room and give myself the shot then we’d get on with the appointment.

I did my shot then we went back to get my bloodwork.  I apologized again for calling her at 10pm and she said she was glad I called.   She said all her IVF patients have her number but it’s for emergencies only.  She told me being out of a medication is definitely an emergency.  She said it was much better then the girl who called her at 10pm the night before to tell her that her period started.  She said that’s great, let’s talk tomorrow.  She wasn’t real happy.  Then she said another girl texted her at 1:30am last week to say she had a big toe.  My nurse texted her back at 3:00am when she woke up and told her it had nothing to do with the meds and to go to the hospital and please not text at 1:30am.

I couldn’t believe people do that.  I didn’t even want to call her for my legit problem but I did.  She said to always call if I’m out of a medication or I’ve given myself the wrong dose, etc.   That’s what her cell phone is for.

So I got into the room and the newest RE was there since my RE was OOT with his wife.  My left ovary is hard to find so we started with the right one.   He has to hold the wand at the oddest angle to see it.   He saw 7 follicles ranging from 7mm to 14mm!  YAY!   I hadn’t ovulated which was a HUGE relief.   He then went for the left ovary. Of course he couldn’t find it.  After 5 painful minutes of searching he could see part of it and saw 3 follicles.  There may be more but he couldn’t clearly see it.  I’m so glad my doctor is back tomorrow for my next appointment.

So all is going well.   I have 10 in the running right now, though a few are pretty small.   This summer they ended up getting 9, but only 5 were mature and only 2 fertilized.  My hope this time is that we get 10, 8 are mature, and 4 fertilize.  I think that’s a realistic goal.  If we get 4 we are going to do PGD.  I’ve already paid for it so they are ready to roll.  It’s a 24 hour center so I get my results the next day. I’d like to know but if we have 3 or less we’ll just transfer them and hope for the best.

So, all was well yesterday and I’m hoping for a good report and a trigger shot tomorrow!