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My D&C

My D&C happened on Sept. 18, 2014.   It’s a day I won’t forget.  It was 2 days before my brothers wedding.  My husband and I went to the hospital and up to the OB unit.  That’s where my RE performed surgeries.

I was put in a room and asked to put on a gown.  The nurse that came in to work with me was a blessing in disguise.  She was so kind and understanding and was with us for the 6 hours we were in the hospital.

She first came and got my history and put it in the computer.  Then she took my blood pressure.   She asked us some questions and answered our questions.   She prepared me for the surgery.

The anesthesiologist came in then.  He was not kind.   He was kind of a jerk and both my husband and I were not pleased with him.   In fact, the nurse could tell and sent him out of the room.  She ended up putting my IV in herself.  She tried it in my hand but my vein there always blows so she got it in my elbow.

My doctor finally came in and explained everything to me.  He told me they would put me out and then he would go in, remove the fetal pole, the sac, and any other material that needed to come out.  He then told me I’d be sore for a few days and probably would bleed for a few days as well.

When it was time to go I gave my husband a hug and they wheeled me into the OR.  Once there my doctor and another OB picked me up and put me on the table.   The anesthesiologist gave me a dose of meds but it didn’t put me out.  I must have looked terrified because my doctor patted my leg and told me it would be ok.  He looked at the anesthesiologist and that’s the last I remember.

I woke up with a pain in my lower abdomen.  My husband was there holding my hand as I started to cry.  My baby was gone…it was really gone now.  We sat together in silence until the nurse walked in.  She made sure I was comfortable and gave me some extra strength Tylenol.  She then told me I had to eat something and use the bathroom before I could leave.

She brought me crackers and Gingerale.  I slowly drank the Gingerale.   I ate a few crackers then I had to use the bathroom.  The kind nurse put a pair of disposable underwear on me and helped me to the bathroom.  In the bathroom I cried when I saw all the blood.  I took a deep breath, stood up, and walked back to my room.

The nurse took my vitals again and gave me my discharge paper.  She then tolld me t wait a minute that she had something for me.   She brought in a postcard with a picture of a leaf with a single dew drop.  On the back was a poem about loss and hope.   She had tears in her eyes as she read it to me and I could hardly stop the tears from running down my face.  Even writing about it has me tearing up.

She handed me the post card and told me it was mine.  She told me she had hope that things would get better then she gave me a hug.  I truly believe she cared about me and my situation and it was nice to know someone did.

As she left my husband helped get me dressed.  I put on a pad to catch the blood from my D&C.   I hadn’t eaten all day and it was 7pm by this time.  We ran to a Chinese buffet and ate dinner.  Then we made the hour drive home.  Unfortunately I had a cake to make…my brother’s grooms cake for the wedding.

The only hope I had for the weekend was that I’d be too busy to worry about myself and the baby.  I had medicine I needed to take and I had my husband by my side.   I knew that though it would be tough, the two of us would get through it.


The Aftermath and another Ultrasound

Saturday and Sunday were the hardest days I’ve ever had.  I stayed in bed most of the weekend crying.  I had to be coaxed out of bed by my husband to eat dinner on Sunday.   I was having a hard time facing the fact I would have to get up Monday morning and go back to work…to all my students.

Monday I woke up early and started my normal routine.  It helped to keep my routine.  I was like a zombie going around doing what needed to be done before school.  I got in my car and headed to school.  When I got there I was glad no one  else was around.   When my aid got there I had a hard time holding myself together but managed.

The worst part was when the kids came in.  After the weekends a lot of the kids need hugs and love and while I was more then happy to give it to them, that Monday it hurt.  All I could think of was that I might never have a child.

I got through the day and early the next morning we went back to the RE.   I lay on the table with my husband holding my hand.  The RE performed the scan quickly and then told me to meet him in his office.   He told me that there was no heart beat and that the baby had stayed the same size.   He let me know that I needed to decide if I wanted to let a natural miscarriage happen, use medication, or have surgery.  I promised I’d called the next day and left.

That ultrasound was easier then the first.  I was void of emotions and just stared at the screen and stared at the doctor.  I cried some on the way home and had to go to work when we got back.

The next day, Wednesday, I called the RE crying.  I told them that I wanted to have the procedure, that I couldn’t keep waiting for something to happen.  My brother was getting married on Saturday and I couldn’t risk having the miscarriage during his wedding.

I took Thursday and Friday off from work.  I already had Friday off for the wedding and took the whole day off on Thursday as I had to be at the doctor’s at 11.  They wanted to try to get the baby out in the office without any medication but once I got there and they saw how jumpy I was they knew that wouldn’t happen.

The RE took me into the room to speak with me.   He asked me what I wanted to do and I started crying.  I told him I couldn’t handle having my baby, without a heart beat, inside of me anymore.  He told me to wait and came back 10 minutes later.  He told me to be back there at 1 the next day for a D&C.

Well that’s all it took.  I really started sobbing.  I told him I couldn’t come back tomorrow that my brother was getting married out of town and I had to be there.  I was a total wreck.  My husband wrapped me up and told the doctor tomorrow was impossible.  The RE left again.

When he returned he told me that he had cleared his schedule and would meet me at the hospital in 1 hour.  He was going to do the D&C today.  I was so grateful to him for taking the time to do this that I didn’t even know what to say.  He told me to just get over to the hospital and he would meet me there.