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Third Trimester

I can’t believe how quickly the time is flying by!   So many things have happened in the last 6 weeks.   At 24 weeks we had our repeat anatomy scan.  Everything looked good and they were able to see everything they needed to see.  They said baby boy looked good and he weighed about 2 pounds!

The ultrasound tech asked if she could play around a bit and we found out they had a 4D machine!   She tried to get the baby’s face for about 45 minutes but he kept his hands over his face.  It was adorable.  She finally got a photo of his little face and it was love at first sight.  He’s adorable and looks a lot like my husband.  I can’t wait to meet him!

I also had my first shower 2 weeks ago at work.  It was really nice.   We had cake, I made cookies, and all my work friends came.  We got a ton of gift cards which I can’t wait to use, a Pack-N-Play, a Rock-N-Play, and Kick-N-Play Piano, some diapers, wipes, a swaddle, books, and a few toys.  Oh and the baby bathtub! Plus one of my work friends made us an adorable quilt I can’t wait to put on the crib. It was really fun.

We finally got rid of the bed in the baby’s room and I cleaned out all the furniture and the closet.  We’ve started packing things into the closet.   My goal is to have the room totally cleaned out, painted, and the crib set up by the end of June.  I’ll be 33 weeks then and we’ll be ready to roll.  We have 4 weeks to do this and I’m hoping we get it done!

I’ve also made it to the third trimester!  I still can’t believe I’m here.  I’m actually 28 weeks now and the baby moves all the time.  I love feeling him move and my husband loves putting his hand on my stomach and feeling him kick.  It’s really fun to watch him feel the kicks.  I can’t imagine in less then 12 weeks I won’t have that feeling anymore!

So here we are at 28 weeks.  I’ve got an appointment next week and we start our birthing classes at the end of June.  We’re getting our newborn carseat from a friend tomorrow and I think we’re on our way!   My second shower, with my family, is in mid-June and then we’ll have to figure out everything else we need to buy.   Right now we definitely need the bedding, a changing table, diapers and wipes, some clothing, a base for the carseat (for my husband’s car), and the bassinet.   However, I’m wondering if the Pack-N-Play or Rock-N-Play can be used instead of the bassinet.   Thoughts?

It’s getting so real now and my husband and I can’t believe how quickly our lives will be changing forever!

16 Week Appointment

I can’t believe I’m over 16 weeks!   Last week we went for our 16 week appointment.  The doctor looked over our NT scan bloodwork as well as our cell free DNA results.   We came out as low risk for everything so that was really good to hear.

I told work about the pregnancy about 2 weeks ago and everyone is just thrilled for us.  I didn’t realize how many comments people would start making but it seems that once you are pregnant people feel they can ask you just about anything.  It’s a little bit uncomfortable at times and at work it’s hard because the students don’t know yet but people keep asking questions.

My husband and I have also told most of our friends.   I shared with two of my friends at work before sharing with everyone else because we were going out to dinner with them and their husbands.   Going out was so fun and it was super nice because to celebrate they paid for our meals.   I thought that was really sweet of them and totally unexpected.

It feels like everyone is happy and excited for us.  The more people we tell the more real it’s becoming.   I’m still not feeling the baby move but the doctor said it’s early.   I don’t have much in the way of a bump either although over the last 5 days something is happening and I look like I’ve eaten too much.   My guess is I’ll have a full blown bump here in the next week or so.  But for now, you can’t tell that’s what it is, it just looks like a food belly.

We still haven’t done anything to prepare for the baby.  I know it’s still early but it just doesn’t seem real.   We do know which room will be the baby’s but that’s about it.  It’s still the guest room for right now.  I just started reading a pregnancy book last night.  We haven’t looked at any furniture, car seats, strollers, etc.   I’ve been asking friends for some recommendations but that’s about it.   I’m guessing we’ll have to at least look at furniture within the next few weeks.  I’d like to be ready in case the baby comes early, even if it’s only the room is finished and we have a car seat.

So what do you do to prepare for a baby?   I have no clue.  On my list is to go look at furniture, look at car seats, and register.   I asked the doctor about taking classes and he said they’d talk to me about that later on.  That made me nervous as our next appointment is at 20 weeks and we’ll be halfway through!   Classes are something I wouldn’t mind taking early because it’s not going to hurt anything to have some knowledge.

But back to my appointment, there was a 3rd year med student that came in first to look at me.  She used the doppler and had a hard time finding the heartbeat.  Normally I’d be worried but she was only a student so I didn’t let it bother me.  The doctor came in, answered my questions, and found the heartbeat right away.  It was 148 beats per minute.  Everything sounded good.

He also drew my uterus on my belly to show me how big it’s gotten.  He then labeled it “ute” in case I wanted to do show and tell with anyone later.  He’s a hoot.

So now we wait for 20 weeks for the anatomy scan which will tell us gender as well as how the baby is growing.  We also need to get started thinking about the nursery, our registry, my maternity leave, what we are doing after the maternity leave, etc.   There’s just so much to think about and there is no “to do” list I can find out there of what has to be done.

So question for everyone, what are the 5 most important things I need to buy for this baby?  What are 3 things that are a waste of money?   What is the most important thing to get done now?

First OB Appointment

Well, nothing is easy.  Our first OB appointment was scheduled for Monday.  I woke up Monday morning to 3 inches of snow and a 2 hour delay at work.  Upon looking, every district between here and the 60 miles away where my appointment was had a 2 hour delay as well.   We made the decision to cancel which really upset me but turned out to be for the best as all schools closed for the weather.

When I called to reschedule they told me the next available appointment was…FEBRUARY 27!  WHAT?   I was really upset.   The woman asked if it had to be that office and I said it could be the other office if the appointment was sooner.  Turns out he was available on Thursday at the further office (about 70 miles away instead of 60) but I went with it.

We got to the office right on time.  It’s brand new and was super nice.  There was no wait to check in and they came for me right away.  I filled out paperwork, got my weight and my blood pressure.  They asked for a urine sample but I told them I already went since I didn’t know.

I was led back into a room and the doctor came in. He’s around 70 and totally hilarious.  He put my husband and I at ease immediately.  He jokes, told stories, and answered questions.  Then we had the exam.

He did a breast exam and a pelvic exam.  He also did a swab for some test.  He said that he could feel my uterus which it was a little early for but it was ok.   They weren’t doing an ultrasound since I’ve already had 3 which made me sad.  I think he knew it because he hooked me up to the doppler instead and we were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat which was reassuring.   He said I looked good, my uterus was fine, and he’d see me in 2 weeks for my NT scan and 4 weeks for another check up.

He spent about an hour with us.  He was funny, pleasant, and we were happy we chose him.  Unfortunately on the way out the door they told us he’s leaving in May.  We were so sad!   I thought this would have been the perfect person to delivery my baby because I’m a spaz and he’s so calm.  So we’ll have to switch to someone else in the practice later on in my pregnancy.

After that we went down to get bloodwork.  I also had to give my urine sample.  I got my results from the bloodwork already and everything looked good so that makes me feel better.   So now I just need to wait for 2 weeks to have the NT scan and I’ll be feeling somewhat better.   I can’t believe that this might really be happening!

We’ve done nothing to prepare because I’m to scared too.  I’ve gained 4 pounds in 11 weeks and 1 inch on my waist.  So pants are beginning to get tight.  I guess I’m going to have to buy some maternity clothes sooner then later.  We will be telling my family next week and I can’t wait!   It’ll be like a huge weight has been lifted that I can tell them. Then we’ll tell friends shortly after that.

10 Week Ultrasound and Infusion

I am 10 weeks exactly today.   The lack of symptoms has been a little worrisome but I’ve been trucking along.  I’m exhausted and go to bed around 9 every night and I sleep through the night except to get up and go to the bathroom once or twice.  I’ve had several awful headaches at night as well but I have had little to no morning sickness.  Occasionally I get nauseous when I’m super hungry but that’s about it.

So today I went in for my ultrasound.  I had flown on a plane last week and was nervous about this week.  Sitting in the room made me start getting nervous.  When the doctor came in he came in with my nurse and a student.   My husband and I looked at each other.  The last time a student came in for an ultrasound it was when I found out about my loss and I think the girl was as devastated as we were.

This time we didn’t need to worry.  As soon as he got the probe in we saw the baby…and it was dancing!    I mean, the babies feet were really going in there!   I started laughing and my husband was smiling.  It was so cute.   Then he focused in on the head and baby was sucking its thumb!   This kid is going to be like me because I’m always on the go and was a huge thumb sucker (just check out my overbite).

We listened to the heartbeat again and it was at 163 beats per minute and was measuring right at 10 weeks.  SO things looked good!   This was my last official appointment with my RE’s office which made me sad.  However, I still have to go back for at least one more, if not two, infusions.

My infusion today was fine.  My arm is a little sore and red but otherwise it went fine.   The nurses were so nice and they all came in to tell us how cute our baby was 🙂  SO all and all it was a great appointment.

Next appointment is on Monday at the OB office!   We’ll be meeting our new OB/gyn since we need someone attached to the hospital in that area.   I like my current OB/gyn but do not like our hospital in town so we won’t be delivering here.

Monitoring Appointment #3 (IVF #4)

So I had another monitoring appointment yesterday.  My old RE did the monitoring because my new RE was doing an egg retrieval…on my OB/gyn!   What a crazy beginning to the day that was!

My old RE is super thorough.   He measures follicles from 3 angles instead of 2 so it took a while longer.  My nurse was off yesterday so the insurance coordinator, who I love, was in with me taking the notes.

As of right now it looks like I had 7 follicles on the right between 12-20, most of them being between 15-17.  On the left I had 5 follicles between 11-16.  They wanted to wait for my bloodwork before deciding whether or not to trigger me.  My RE came in, reviewed the data, and stated that he really wanted to push me another day if the numbers came in ok.   I’m all for that since I’d like some of those 15’s to mature.

I went home feeling ok.   Some of my follicles were clearly bigger while others looked similar to my previous appointment.  I’m worried I’m going to lose the 20 and that the 11 and 12’s aren’t going to make it.   I hate the waiting game.  This is like the worst time during monitoring.  I always feel like the worst times are the day you do your AFC, the day before egg retrieval, the day after egg retrieval when you get the fertilization report, and the day of transfer.    Of course the very worst is beta day but those other 4 are pretty sucky too.

So my husband and I decided to go shopping while we had some time and while in a store my nurse called.   She said they are pushing me back one day because my numbers came back good.  Guys, my E2 is 2115!   WHAT?!  I haven’t had an E2 that high since my first round of IVF.   I’m getting really nervous, scared, and excited over here.  Is it too much to hope for that I get 10 retrieved (which has happened the last 2 times), all 10 are mature, and 4 fertilize????   That’s what I’m hoping for since the last two times I’ve had 2 and 3 fertilize.

If we get 4 and they make it to day 3 they will send them out for PGD and I’ll have a day 5 transfer.   Again, I haven’t had a day 5 transfer since my first cycle.  That would almost be too good to be true.  PLUS, as a recap, on that first cycle I had 22 retrieved, 17 mature, 10 fertilize, and only 3 make it to day 5 so I’m a little worried about waiting.  However, I’d love to have 1 or 2 to freeze just so we can have another shot if needed.

So, I did my last day of stims last night.   I’ll trigger tonight at 9:30.   Egg retrieval is at 7:30 on Tuesday morning.  I have to be there by 7.   Please keep me in your thoughts as I’m already beginning to freak out!

Second Monitoring Appointment (IVF #4)

So the second monitoring appointment this morning was a party.   It was my RE, the new RE, a med student, my nurse, and me.   Everyone was all up in me this morning!   I made a comment about the party being in my room and the med student got all embarrassed.  Toughen up young buck!

Anyhow things are looking good.  I had 6 good looking follicles on the right side ranging 12-16 and 4 on the left ranging from 14-16.   There could be more on the left but he couldn’t see the whole thing.   They are thinking he’s going to have to go through my uterus again to get to the ovary.  That means more pain which sucks but if it means more eggs I’ll do it.

My lining was at 12 and that made my RE really happy.   He had a big smile and the nurse looked at me and told me that thick, fluffy endometrium makes him really happy.  I guess that means me really happy too!

My evening med routine...too many things!

My nurse wanted my E2 to be about 1000 by today but when she called it wasn’t.   It was almost 1400!  That’s almost triple what it was on Monday.  She was very excited and said that was higher then it was on my last 2 cycles at trigger and I still have 2 or 3 days to go.

I quickly grabbed my old paperwork and she was right.  On my first cycle, the golden cycle, I was at 1700 at this point, went 2 more days, and they got 22 eggs, 17 mature.   I know I don’t have that in me but I’m hoping they can get more than 10 this time even though he’s only counting 10 at this point. I’m also hoping the quantity is better then the past 2 tries because it has sucked.

So I’m feeling pretty good at this point.  I go back on Saturday and my nurse thinks I’ll trigger then.  I think I will too.

My poor, bruised IVF stomach

I’ve been feeling bloated and heavy.  The doctor asked me how I’m feeling and if I’m not nauseous then he says I’m ok.   I’m hoping it’s just heaviness from my enlarged ovaries.   My stomach is also sore from the bruising.  It sucks.  I took a photo (you don’t have to look) to see what it looks like after 9 days of stims.

So, two more days until my next monitoring appointment and I might actually trigger!  I’m starting to feel hopeful which could be dangerous but I can’t help it this time.  Things are going so much better then last summer!


I’m freaking out a little bit

I’ve been pretty chill this week.  I started my Lupron on Monday night like a pro.   I didn’t even need ice.  I didn’t watch any videos.   I went into the bathroom, grabbed my supplies, filled the needle, and stabbed it.   I was feeling good.

The bleeding from earlier this week has stopped.  Things seemed to be going well.   My husband bought me a spa day today so I could just relax.  It was wonderful.   Everything has been feeling pretty good (minus my weight gain that will NOT come off no matter how many times I go to the gym).

Now I’m home by myself and mind is racing.  My baseline is tomorrow.  It could make or break my cycle in multiple ways.  FOr starters if the bleeding was my period then I’m delayed another month.  I don’t know if I can handle that.  Being benched for 9 months is way too long when you have DOR.  Then there’s my AFC.   Since my AMH is higher I’m hoping for a better one, but it may be less because let’s face it, I’m old.  I’m 36 freaking years old!

So cue the panic.  I’m freaking out and don’t want to go in the room.  I’ve baked cookies for my doctor and nurse so I know they’ll be gentle with me. The moment I get up on the table is when I’ll have the worst time.  Waiting to hear how many follicles, if I ovulated, if we can continue.   What if they’ve all dried up and I don’t have any left?  I’m banking everything on this cycle.  This is it….this is the end of the road for me.  It has to be the best (well besides attempt number one).

SO tomorrow we’ll know a lot.  Not everything but we’ll have a good idea of how this cycle will go or if it’ll go.   I need to take a few deep breaths and go to bed and then maybe I won’t have to worry about it until tomorrow.